What We Do:

Mastery Systems delivers strategic Human Operating System Upgrade techniques to individuals, families, businesses, and organizations. Our primary assertion is: Every Human Being, Group, Family, and Business is most effectively served by mastering their own Life Path. Mastery Systems provides experience, coaching, education, live training, online and home study materials designed to awaken the masterful self coach within each of us. Our Life Upgrade Coaching techniques empower, encourage, and enlighten our Clients to remember and apply their own Divine connection, wisdom and victorious choices to thrive. We partner with you in demonstrating our own Heart has your solution.

How We Do It:


Becoming your own best friend, coach, partner, and guide requires you invest in your Life and Consciousness. Knowing where you are, how you got there, how to harmonize with where you are, and how to easily and systematically move into your highest choice may require your study, practice, review, and full participation. Mastery Systems delivers strategic life upgrade techniques through target specific media (Books, Audio CDs and Video DVDs, as well as Online Portals of advanced instruction and experience).

productbundle-copyLive Events

Experiencing first hand the power of changing one word and the change created in your life is demonstrated in our Live, In Person and Online Events. If a picture is worth a thousand words, an experience is worth a library. Every Consciousness Upgrade Path shared through Mastery Systems (Conscious Language™, Imagination Activation™, Outcome Facilitation™, Sacred Body Language Translations™, and Bio-Optic Holography™, to name a few) is designed to awaken the participant to their own experience of Thriving, Success, Health, Harmony, and Happiness. Move from the spectator seat to the driver’s seat in your success story.

highagreementsLife Upgrade Coaching

Have you ever wished you could just get some person to person help from someone who has been through it themselves? Our Coaches adhere to the precept that “All Coaching is Self-Coaching”. Whether you are choosing to upgrade your finances, career, relationships, health, business, family harmony, or what ever is on your plate at this moment, the self-coaching techniques that make up Mastery Systems can be shared with you personally. Imagine having someone find your hidden glitch or pattern is a few minutes and through your own body language, words, and consciousness, guide you into your Heart’s Call. Put in your request for coaching on our contact page here.