Upgrading Relationships


Our Relationships are reflections of our true selves.

As we awaken to our new choices, relationships come to the forefront. Anytime our happiness and contentment is affected by outside sources (people, places, conditions, things) is when Co-Dependence in acting. The consciously creative person eventually awakens to the need/choice to be secure and stable within themselves (sovereign).

Awakening sovereignty in Co-Empowered relationships also awakens new beliefs and strategies of who we truly are (I AM that I AM). Each person will discover and remember their High (Divine) Agreements within themselves and agree to be honored in relationships and teach others how to honor themselves.


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Transforming Co-Dependence

Self-Empowerment Equals Co-Empowerment

Leading Your Community to Victory

The Freedom of Being Fully Present

Conscious Language Community Building

All Upgrades Start with Language

We offer many powerful ways to study and understand the upgrade process of moving from the language of self-sabotage to the language of self-success.

Language shapes thought into matter when and if feeling vivifies and activates the words into manifestation. Our courses will walk you through the process of using Conscious Langugage™ to awaken your highest choices and live your best life.

Highest Choices

Change your Language

No, we’re not talking about swearing (although you can change that, too.)  We’re talking about the language of self-sabotage, which includes statements such as:

  • I can’t.
  • It’s too hard.
  • This always happens to me.
  • I should / I should have / I shouldn’t
  • I’m trying / I’m working on it / I’m getting there

The fact is, what we say becomes our reality. In addition to describing what our experiences are, our words actually create our experiences.  That’s right—our words create our lives by shaping what we think, believe, and feel.  It works like this: What we say influences what we think and how we feel, especially when we say it with passion and conviction.  And, when we say the same thing often enough, our words influence what we believe.  So, our words impress themselves upon our consciousness and help create our experience and perception of reality.

If you tell yourself (and others) you can’t or won’t accomplish something, or that you’ll try but probably fail, you will most certainly experience “failing.”  If, instead, you tell yourself you can and you will – or even that you choose to be successful at something – your experience will be a successful one.  If you are facing a particularly challenging experience, you can start by saying, “I choose to make this easy.”

Sound too simple? It is!  
Hundreds of thousands of people have dramatically upgraded their lives by changing the way they speak.