What is Sacred Body Language Translations?

If you're enthusiastic about knowing how to translate all the valuable & powerful information that is continuously being communicated from our own body language, this event is for you!

In the evolution of consciousness, our bodies are the storing banks of genetic, experiential, and collective (global) memories. In Sacred Body Language Translations, Robert visually describes how to 'read' and translate how the subconscious communicates to us through symbols, archetypal patterns, body sensations and energies in our environment. Learning to 'read' these patterns opens a whole new world of communication between our conscious mind and our 'other than conscious' self. Come 'listen' to the language of the sub-conscious as it speaks through our hands, feet, face, eyes, nose, body movements, fingernails, hair, wrinkles, lines, symptoms, organs, glands, bodily functions revealing a dramatically deeper understanding of who we are, what our current requirements are and how best to respond with love.

When we get physically ill or experience injuries we ask ourselves, “What’s wrong with me?”.
What about asking for the real reason​ ​WHY we are experiencing an illness, pain or disease in the first place? 

  • ​Every single symptom we feel or experience is a form of consciousness that our spirit or greater self is bringing our attention to?
  • ​Our bodies only go into pain or stress when we hold back from making important changes or transformations that our spirit came here to experience or resolve?
  • All of our hidden and limited beliefs, emotional patterns, negative thoughts and language patterns could be revealed by translating the symptoms we experience in physical form?

Our Subconscious is continually speaking to us through our bodies.  By discovering what our subconscious is communicating, we can become aware of thought, word and emotional patterns, translate them and transform them into our highest choice for ourselves, our family, our business and our community and awaken our heart’s true desire with grace and ease.


Interested in learning more?

FREE Sacred Body Language Translations
Call Sunday, December 2 at 8:30 p.m. Eastern.

Busy during that time?
It's all good! A recording will be sent to everyone who registers for the call.

TRANSFORMING Co-Dependence Into Co-Empowerment

Sunday, November 18
Transforming Co-Dependence Into Co-Empowerment (Co-Co)
And High Agreements
Level 1
Investment: $33 or $22 (each for 10 or more)
8:30PM Eastern
with Robert Tennyson Stevens

Co-Dependence is described as existing anytime something outside of us (persons, places, conditions, and things) controls or influences our happiness or contentment. In my experience of awakening to Conscious Language, Co-Dependence is a spiritual test to awaken to our sovereignty and connect directly with our Source while we are here on Earth.

Co-Co, and High Agreements is a systematic upgrade path to harmonious relationships,
Co-Empowered Families and Businesses, and Sovereign, Strong Individuals, Families, and Nations.

Due to the nature of this upgrade system, I highly suggest you invite your loved ones and team members to explore with you what Co-Empowered Life can be and how identifying and living your High Agreements will build and sustain your inner security.

A support handout of the class will be delivered for download following registration (it will be recorded for those in other time zones across the globe) so we will be closing registration at 4PM, Eastern, Nov 18th to insure your handout download is delivered in a timely fashion.

To begin your study, an online version is available to purchase from our site at this link.

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New FREE Call

Sacred Body Language Translations and
Introduction to the New All For You
Immersion Dec.6-9
with Robert Tennyson Stevens

Thursday, November 15, 2018
8:30 PM Eastern
Investment: Free

Mastery Systems is committed to Leaders having effective and masterful awareness and skills in shifting what does not work in life into thriving with ease. Thursday’s call with Bob has our first two curriculum steps in our School, discussed and demonstrated for those attending.

If you have passion and love for helping yourself and others, this is the call for you to explore with us what our full potential as humans is and how our Language and Body Language are revealing hidden access points we can engage and shift into our successful lives.

Due to the intimate nature of this experiential call, all attending (it will be recorded for those in other time zones across the globe) are asked to participate fully and Vote Victory for those interacting with Bob.

Please be registered by 4 PM, Eastern, Nov 15th.

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Sacred Body Language Translations (SBLT) Demonstration Free Conference Call

Join our call TONIGHT to discover powerful and very helpful hints about how to listen and actually understand your own body signals and what to do about them. Everyone who registers will receive a recording of the call the following day.

Tonight at 8:30 p.m. Eastern
Sacred Body Language Translations (SBLT) Demonstration
with Robert Tennyson Stevens

Robert will share and demonstrate the technologies of Mastery Systems. This call will focus on Sacred Body Language Translations™ sharing live demonstrations with volunteers on the call. Whether you are a volunteer on the call or voting victory, you have the opportunity to embody your next upgrade in consciousness.

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Our Call will focus on restoring the trapped Blessings into acknowledged and accepted Blessings. In my experience, our Call can open doors for all those present, who ever is our example.

Everyone who registers will receive a recording the following day.

Are you prepared for greatness?

Join us for this important Free Call!

What: Maestro Conference Call
When: Thursday, August 9, 8:30 p.m. Eastern
Presenter: Robert Tennyson Stevens, 
CEO and Founder of Mastery Systems

Robert will discuss and share the essential nature of each discipline in Mastery Systems and the role of each upcoming Event plays in upgrading your life to ever-expanding Thriving. Special focus will be on how you can empower yourself and your loved ones/community/organization/world to remember and embody your own gifts and genius through full expression of your Masterful Self.


  • Are you prepared for Greatness?
  • Why prospering is essential!
  • Adding Mastery Systems to your Leadership Effectiveness Through:
    •  Conscious Language™
    • Imagination Activation™
    • Outcome Mapping™
    • Sacred Body Language Translations™
    • Bio-Optic Holography™
    • Life Upgrade Coaching™
    • Conscious Prosperity™
    • Transforming Emotion into Motion™
    • Transforming Co-Dependence into Co-Empowerment™
  • August Events in Texas
  • September Events
    • All For You September 7-8
    • Sacred Body Language Translation Facilitator Certification Sept. 9-12
    • Bio-Optic Holography Facilitator Certification Sept. 13-16
    • Life Upgrade Coaching Certification Sept. 17-20
    • Mastery Systems Event Facilitator Certification 21-23
  • MS Affiliate Program
  • MS Reseller Program

Mastery Systems International is empowering Consciousness Leaders to fully experience Mastery Systems (awakening your own inner Masterful Self) and partnering with Leaders in being the Open Door to consistent successes and Miracles.

Gather Your Team and join us! 
Changing our world one word at a time…

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Maestro Call (to Action) this Tuesday

Dear White Fire Being of Light!

Each of us is Essential in empowering Humanity to remember we are Divine Beings.

Conscious Language™ is essential to our Remembering.

I AM asking those directed by Your Heart to do all you can in sharing your experience of the Language of Your Heart (Conscious Language/Pure Speech).

I, and my company, Mastery Systems, will do all we can to support you.

Please join our Maestro Call (to Action) this Tuesday, 8:30PM Eastern to explore ways of being the One to awaken your Tribe through:

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Conscious Language™

  • Conscious Language™, The LOGOS of NOW Book Study Groups
  • Living the Path of Conscious Language™ DVD watching Evening
  • Conscious Language™ Power Points
  • Conscious Language™ Introductory Evenings
  • Living The Path of Conscious Language™ 1 Day
  • Language of Mastery™ 1-2 Day

Imagination Activation™

  • The Power of Imagination Activation™ DVD watching

Outcome Mapping™

  • Outcome Mapping™ DVD watching

Sacred Body Language Translations™ (SBLT)

  • SBLT DVD watching
  • SBLT Power Points
  • SBLT Introductory Evenings
  • SBLT Demonstrations

Bio-Optic Holography™ (BOH)

  • BOH Introduction and Demonstration Evenings
  • BOH Power Points
  • BOH Eye Photo Sessions with your BOH camera or Traveling Mastery Systems Event Facilitator with BOH Camera

Core Technologies (50 DVD’s as The perfect kit to build your Conscious Community!)

  • Living the Path of Conscious Language™ 3 DVDs
  • The Power of Imagination Activation™ 3 DVDs
  • Outcome Mapping™ DVD
  • Sacred Body Language Translations™ 12 DVDs – Includes 12 DVDs + Sacred Body Language Translations Workbook PDF on CD (13 Disks total)
  • Conscious Prosperity™ 2 DVDs
  • My Divine Partner Now™ 2 DVDs
  • Bio-Optic Holography™ 11 DVDs – Includes 11 DVDs + PDF file on CD for printing charts and additional support materials (12 Disks total)
  • Conscious Life Series:
    · Speech The Revealer 2 DVDs
    · The Mirror of Relationships 2 DVDs
    · Sacred Body Language – Our Full Communication Revealed 2 DVDs
    · Moving Upscale & Our Feelings 2 DVDs
    · Resolving Co-dependence into Co-empowerment 2 DVDs
    · The Freedom of Being Fully & Completely Present DVD
    · The Law of Enthusiasm, Playing 125% & the Frequency of Miracles 2 DVDs
    · The Roll, Power & Requirement of Decrees 3 DVDS

If you can Imagine being, or already are the one serving your community and choose to add Conscious Language and The Tools of Mastery Systems to your Tool Box, or know someone in your community who is, please mark this Call on your calendar and join us. A follow up Go To Meeting Webinar will be scheduled for those interested visually experiencing What you can offer to your Tribe. Special pricing will be given those committed to sharing in their Communities, and Countries.


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