Sponsor Honor Program

Sponsor Honor Program

Hello Mastery Systems Sponsor!
Thank you for supporting Robert Tennyson Stevens and Mastery Systems International in your community.

Your first step in sponsoring a Mastery Systems event is to complete the Mastery Systems Sponsor Information: The Basics Form

If you already completed this step, thank you! Please enter your information with care - your venue and dates will be posted on our website. After completing, please email the form to events@masterysystems.com. 
Please email us if any event information changes. Please keep your information accurate and up-to-date for your event!

Click here to download the form.


As an event sponsor, you are responsible for locating your event's venue.

If the venue requires investment, Mastery Systems invests funds for the room. You secure pertinent information and send to the Mastery Systems office at  www.support@masterysystems.com

Pertinent information includes:

  • Venue availability (are your preferred dates available?)
  • Venue investment (Ask if there are any incentives. Sometimes hotels offer the workshop leader (Bob) a complimentary room. Other venues may offer complimentary tea service or other perks.) Venue investment usually depends on how many people will attend, how many hours/days the event is, and how much space you require.


**Live events require 25 or more paid attendees per class.**

You are magnetic for you and your community's great good! Mastery Systems provides wonderful information to share with your community to generate enthusiasm. All you require doing is sharing your enthusiasm big time!


Before Your Event:

  • Show DVDs - have your community already “in the conversation” before Bob arrives - even for a free intro. The more your people have already engaged with Mastery Systems materials, the more they receive from Bob's Presence (and their Presence through Bob).
  • Promote your scheduled events. Mastery Systems sends emails to their list about upcoming events. It is your responsibility as sponsor to promote your event to your greater community. One easy way to share with your community is to simply forward Mastery System's announcements with your own personal message to your community via facebook or your email list - fun and easy!



  • Email all class participants 5 days before your event begins.
  • Email etiquette: place your own email address in the to: field, then add all participants email addresses in the bcc: field
  • Title your email something obvious and helpful, such as: (Class Name) begins this Thursday - here is the address and other valuable preparation info
  • Give your participants lots of information about the class/training/intro. Think of this email as an FAQ (frequently asked question) document with awesome answers. This email helps attendees feel supported and secure. This email is one of the most helpful things you can do to have your registration day be smooth, easy, and fun. Let your people know what to expect ahead of time, and they will support you by already knowing how to play when they walk in!

During Your Event

Congratulations! You filled your class with enthusiastic participants. Well done!

Now you can focus on supporting your MSI Tour Team, Bob and your fellow attendees at your event.

As an event sponsor, you have a few very important responsibilities during your event:

  • Know your venue contact; the person at the venue where your class is being held who is responsible for setting up and supplying your room with chairs, etc. You will likely have questions for this person from Bob about lighting, a/c, tables, chairs, and other environmental factors. Know this person and be grateful for their support. They will help you - just ask!
  • Call or email our office and ask what time we will be setting up at the venue. Do we require support? If yes - jump in! Even if no, I still like to arrive 45 minutes before start time. This gives me time to familiarize myself with where registration items are located; where restrooms are located (participants will ask!). This also gives me a chance to have a casual conversation with Bob, give him a big hug, share my love and hear his victories, and tend to any last- minute details.
  • Arriving early also gives me a chance to see which systems have been updated since I last sponsored. Sometimes payment systems are updated, how we receive money, how we take registrations, etc. For example, we recently started receiving registrations digitally via tablets instead of manually on paper. I am grateful for this awesome upgrade!!
  • Name Tags: On registration day, name tags have a system. Participants receive their name tag AFTER they register. This is how you and Bob visually track who has registered. People wearing name tags have registered. Those with no name tags have yet to register.
  • You are also responsible for name tags each day of class after registration day. You can request support from someone in your community, you can delegate this task to another person, just be sure everyone has their name tag before class begins. I like to arrive 10 minutes early and have all the name tags written when everyone arrives so they can just pick it up on the way to their seat.
  • As event sponsor, you also support at the Mastery Systems product table. You can delegate this task as well, as long as the person supporting is alert, clear, and supportive. 

The most important thing to remember as an event sponsor is this is your opportunity to share your enthusiasm with your community. This is your time to share your blessings with your community. This is your time to both support your community and be supported.