Sacred Body Language Translations™

Sacred Body Language Translations™ (SBLT) is a system of translating body and life signals into cognitive understanding. It is our Spirit communicating to us and through us to each living being at all times.

Restore Your Lineage

Our bodies store our genetic and experiential memories and give us a dramatically deeper understanding of where we are in consciousness. Your subconscious actually “speaks” to you through your body – through your symptoms, itches and scratches, as well as hand gestures, breathing patterns, and bodily functions. Your key to a profound level of knowledge about yourself is knowing how to translate body language, and then use what you learn to identify what you really desire (instead of what your other-than-conscious self may be telling you). When you remember your heart’s greatest desires – which we all have ability to do — you can make your highest choices easily.

Practice Makes Perfect

Our True self speaks to every other True self through our body language. We are continually telling our Truths to ourselves and to each other through body language. Translating body signals and repeating patterns gives us a way to deeply explore how to shift and transform limiting body signals into our Highest choice. A series of questions, after observing body movements, guides us as we access deep beliefs, feelings and worded expressions.

Listen to Your Body

Our body is the Temple of the Most High Living God. Our body language is our Spirit talking through our unconscious (or super-conscious) movements, postures, and various signals. Sacred Body Language Translations offers a way to name the thought-language-feeling cause of what is going on in our life.

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