Transforming E-motion Into Motion Online


Transforming E-motion Into Motion 101 Online


Following the students awakening to Conscious Language™ and Conscious choice, the process of moving upscale begins. Robert has distilled an ultra effective way to understand exactly what is happening emotionally, what specific action to take to restore strength, and what each e-motion transforms into, for example: “fear is faith returning”.

Included in Transforming Emotion into Motion 101:

  • Imagination Activation
  • Feeling Is The Key To Healing
  • Turning Emotion Into Motion
  • The Scale of Emotional Harmonics
  • Octaves of Emotions * Connecting With Your Feelings
  • Transforming Emotions Into Motions
  • Upgrading Avoided Feeling Responses
  • Laws of Cure
  • The Freedom Process
  • Transforming Internal Dialogue
  • Remember, feeling is essential to all manifestation.


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