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If you have failed at losing weight, healing a repeating health challenge, struggled with your energy levels, stressed about stress, or have been operating on a small percentage of what you know you are capable of, you may be working with an incomplete approach.

Over the years, I have found these allopathic based approaches to health will only produce some results and relieve maybe the symptom, never even getting to the cause itself. In this course you’ll see the multifaceted nature of health, and a unique approach to pin point the root of what is showing up in your life and your health, and a new comprehensive approach to completely replacing the pattern.

By the completion of the course you will have reference guides, worksheets, support, and the experience to make the necessary changes in your health strategy and finally achieve the results you desire.


What is the format of The 4 Forces of Health?

The course is presented in 6 modules, recorded from a live conference call series. There is 50 minutes of pure content followed by open discussion with the participants and rich questions and answer sessions. This series is comprehensive and gives you the understanding along with action exercises to put everything into practice.

The 4 Forces of Health is hosted in our online members area.

  • Access the course material from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Lifetime access to the calls and course materials.
  • Download the sessions and listen on the go.

6 powerful modules…

  1. Module #1 – The Four Forces of Health and the Path of Transformation
  2. Module #2 – The Five Transformational Steps of The Four Forces of Health
  3. Module #3 – Awakening our Full Role in Our Health, The Laws of Cure, and Body Awareness Factors Upgraded and Enhanced by New Choices
  4. Module #4 – Bio Optic Holography, Basic Sacred Body Language Facilitation Questions, and the Human Upgrade Guidance Systems (HUGS) Roadmap
  5. Module #5 – Old patterns of Limitation and Symptoms are a Call for Change, Imagination Activation Facilitation Questions, and Walking Upscale
  6. Module #6 – When to use Herbs, Homeopathics, Essential Oils, Flower Essences, Vitamins, Minerals and Enzymes; The Role of Essential Oils and Marion Jager’s Protocals

Here’s What You’ll Learn During the Series

  • How Herbs and Nutrition do not heal, rather they are our Partners in restoring Faith and Life Force. Walking in Faith (taking a new action) is required to Heal.
  • How to use Plant’s Personalities to restore specific forms of Life Force and how to do your part through your Consciousness, Imagination, Decrees, Body Language awareness, and New Actions to Upgrade your Life.
  • How pure essential plant oils can help lubricate the reversal of limitations into successes by changing the spin or vortex of feelings, beliefs, thoughts, and energies from negative (counter clockwise) into positive (clockwise) with your accompanying shift in attitude, forgiveness, language, and creative/loving actions.
  • How to use your food and water as your friend through Blessing.
  • How to simplify, understand, and use Homeopathy (the magic of the minimum dose) in reversing old patterns into your new choices with ease.
  • How to build your Home Apothecary to have your Plant Friends close at hand to assist you in your Walking in Faith.
  • How to make it easy for your Children’s Healthy Consciousness and Development.
  • How to Create your own short and effective list of favorite Herbs, Homeopathics, Foods, and Essential Oils.
  • How to use your Body Language and Symptom Translation to guide your upgrades.
  • How your words, thoughts, and feelings to guide your Health, Wealth, and Success.





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