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Through July 19  only: get Conscious Language™ The Logos Of Now, My Word Made Flesh – Version 2, Sacred Body Language Translations Workbook all for the amazing book bundle sale price of $87!


Conscious Language™ The Logos Of Now

~ The Discovery, Code, and Upgrade To Our New Conscious Human Operating System

How much power do our words really carry? Language has great power and it was intentionally confused over 5,000 years ago. You can rediscover the secret of language that heals your hurts, breathes life into your joys and creates reality.

Through 17 concise chapters, Bob masterfully leads us on a step-by-step journey in the new science of Conscious Language™ This is the science of choosing words that express our true intent so that our words are the quantum templates of health, abundance, peace and relationships!

This book gives you the tools and techniques for individuals to know their own highest choices in any situation, to express their choices with ease and clarity and to have full-body alignment  in their choices. Mastery of ourselves begins with using Conscious Language™. Imagine installing on your inner “heart drive” a new Conscious Human Operating System. This new Operating System is amazing and keeps you awake to self-sabotage before it can act. Imagine a human computer virus checker which finds all those pesky viruses and limiting beliefs and offers each limitation to your awareness for upgrading.  The upgrade is called Pure Speech (Conscious Language™).

Excerpt of foreword by Gregg Braden, New York Times Best selling author of: The Divine Matrix, The God Code, Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer, and The Isaiah Effect.


My Word Made Flesh – Version 2

Robert Tennyson Stevens discovered what he now calls Conscious Language™ in 1968 while doing an independent study on the Hopi Indians Language. He is the Founder of Mastery Systems International, Inc. focusing on Awakening Our Masterful Selves through many proprietary Conscious Human Operating System™ Upgrades including Conscious Language™, Sacred Body Language Translations™, Bio-Optic Holography™, Life Upgrade Coaching™, and much more.

Robert’s current focus is shifting dis-ease management into true health care, and helping put the individual in the driver’s seat of their successful life, as well as helping all practitioners with ways to shift their clients’ and patients’ awareness away from fighting some disease into restoring Grace and ease with exacting specificity.

My Word Made Flesh™ – Version 2, Brand Neutral is designed to support all involved in true health and wealth care while continuing one’s current modality. This is an upgrade system to what already is effective. As you will see in this second edition, a much wider application and many additional techniques, when applied, deepen experiences from our first version of MWMF.

What is new in Version 2?
o The vital role of Conscious Language™
o Brand Neutral Essential Oils techniques, shifts, and approaches.
o A deeper focus on integrating the 7 steps
o How to effectively design your own upgrades and Decree selection for maximum benefit.


Sacred Body Language Translations Workbook
Understand your body’s unspoken language.

In the evolution of consciousness, our bodies are the storing banks of genetic, experiential, and collective (global) memories. In Sacred Body Language Translations, Robert visually describes how to ‘read’ and translate how the subconscious communicates to us through symbols, archetypal patterns, body sensations and energies in our environment. Learning to ‘read’ these patterns opens a whole new world of communication between our conscious mind and our ‘other than conscious’ self. Come ‘listen’ to the language of the sub-conscious as it speaks through our hands, feet, face, eyes, nose, body movements, fingernails, hair, wrinkles, lines, symptoms, organs, glands, bodily functions revealing a dramatically deeper understanding of who we are, what our current requirements are and how best to respond with love.

Please note, this is a workbook with approximately 70% of the material filled in, the balance to be completed in the Mastery of Energies and Body Language course.

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