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Imagination Activation Success
Imagination Activation Success


What is Outcome Mapping™

Outcome Mapping™ is a technique used in virtually every Mastery Systems School of Practice because it allows you to design your life specifically and in a format that fosters creative ease. Outcome Mapping is a System of Mind Mapping and Creative Choice using the matrix of Conscious Language with Imagination Activation and Outcome Facilitation to pick your goal (Outcome) according to your Highest Choice.

Outcome Mapping is more like Cosmic Creative Designing in a Visual Map using Outcome Language, Feeling, The 16 Senses, and specific questions which help us understand and name the outcome of the outcome of the outcome. In essence, providing us a way to “SEE THE END FORM THE BEGINNING.” Investing time in testing and verifying your new choice in your imagination before you actually initiate your first physical action is highly beneficial to ensuring everything you are doing is in alignment of your outcome of the outcome.

Differences between Outcome Mapping™ and Mind Mapping.

Conscious Language is a proprietary system of shaping our world with the language of here and now in first person—personal awareness. Creating a visual map of what we choose to create that is conscious (specific and the language of we is) and creative (not limited by the current reality of what has been so far) and outcome focused (instead of process focused) gives the already creative expression available in Mind Mapping a Quantum Leap in effectiveness and speed of clarity in manifesting exactly what someone desires.

Some history on how Robert Tennyson Stevens discovered Outcome Mapping™

When I began to share Conscious Language™, my students would quickly be awakened to the idea of making a new choice. Moving from lack into abundance, fear into faith, alone into together, health challenges into immaculate health, worrying about what others thought into Co-Empowerment. My students, like myself, were and are awakening to our Masterful-Self.

I have found Scripture and Quantum Physics are identical descriptions in different language on how to create from the invisible into the visible world. When I use Scripture, please understand, I AM using this set of instructions as sets of Laws, like the Law of Gravity. I AM not using this approach to make something right and something wrong. Please allow the truth to be revealed independent of your Spiritual Practice.

Every new choice I or one of my students would come to realize they desired was either supported by the Universe or hindered by the individual according to where we were coming from. Example: Let’s say I chose to have more money. Can the Universe help me? Well, yes and no. More is vague. More money could be 1 cent more in my lifetime. So, Yes, more money, and no, not what I really need or choose. Specificity is required to manifest from the Universe.


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