SBLT Session with Robert Tennyson Stevens – 15 minutes


Discover the root cause of your body signal, gain insight on what it turns into, and apply Conscious Language Decrees to reverse the curse and upgrade!

Get a 15 minute session with Robert Tennyson Stevens to discuss your Sacred Body Language Translations.

In purchasing this product you are agreeing to all of the requirements in the description. 



1) Test your internet connection.

You can use this link to test your internet speed. Your internet speed must be at least


2) Test your zoom audio and video connection.

Have tested sound quality as this is being recorded for you. Follow these instructions to test your connection: 


3) You must be visible on camera during your session in a well-lighted area. Please ensure you are in a quiet, Sacred Space. If you are driving or not in a safe space your session will be automatically cancelled.

4) You must have a body signal for translation. A body signal is a physically challenging area in/on your anatomical body, i.e., itchy scalp, pain somewhere in/or your body, vision challenges, joint challenges, internal issues, etc. “Feeling unmotivated or stuck” is NOT a body signal.

5) You must be on time for your session. You may enter the Zoom waiting room no more than 2 minutes before your session time. You will be admitted to your zoom session at your scheduled time. No refunds will be issued if you are late to your session.

6) You must be in a healthy state of mind. We are NOT healthcare professionals. If you require help with any areas of mental health please reach out to your provider for professional medical assistance.


 Disclaimer: By purchasing a session you agree all to the above requirements.


Additional Information

  • You MUST BE EXACTLY ON TIME for your session (Not late and not early), so make sure your clock is accurate (use your cell phone’s clock). Please log in at the exact time of your session.
  • Be in a quiet, Sacred Space.
  • Be fully present (taking notes is best done when you view your recording).
  • Conscious Preparation Decree: “My Creator is the only Presence and Power acting in my session.”


***This Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.***


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