Sacred Body Language Translations™ Boot Camp with My Word Made Flesh Book


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Dates: August 19 and 20, 2023
Times: 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm Eastern
Investment: $567 Early Registration until August 15*

This product includes the My Word Made Flesh Book.


What is Sacred Body Language Translations™ (SBLT)

Sacred Body Language Translations™ is only a communication until we receive and understand the message, and respond, which turns the signal into a communion with our Great Self through our physical vehicle (body).

A symptom or signal is not a cause, only a reflection of a cause. Addressing the signal or symptom without addressing the real cause will have the signal return or move around to again get the individual’s attention to “listen” and “respond” to the guidance from the intelligence within. The only purpose of the body signal is to communicate. When we realize our Great Self is the ultimate communicator, entering Grace and ease will be the result.

Being able to read and translate body signals into communications, and ultimately communion, with corresponding new actions, changes, redirection, and upgrades potentially and/or immediately shifts or dissolves the body signal since the owner of the body has heard and responded to the signal.

Once we have decoded the signal into a language we can understand, and with our understanding make the necessary changes to respond to our Divine intelligence coming through our body, one static (non-moving) signal will begin to give more directions, confirmations or communications through new dynamic (moving) signals until the required change, upgrade or transformation is accomplished.

A symptom only stays a symptom if the cause has not been changed. Once the cause is shifted the signal or reflection of the former cause subsides.

The new state will only manifest when the individual accepts, understands, claims, agrees and is a “Yes” for the emerging new state. This applies to all physical body conditions, relationships, finances, and life in general. SBLT techniques can be effectively applied to all life situations.


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