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Today: September 28, 2021 6:12 am

Mastery Preparation Kit (7 DVDs)
Mastery Preparation Kit (7 DVDs)
High Agreement
High Agreement


Sacred Body Language Translations™ (12 DVDs)

Live class recording  includes 12 DVDs + Body Language Translations™ Workbook PDF on CD (13 Disks total).

The team who came together for the Studio filming of Sacred Body Language Translations are wondrous individuals who represent a broad spectrum of Humanity. I thank them from the depth of my being for so courageously sharing their wisdom and publicly demonstrating the Sacredness of our body’s language for all those who study and upgrade through these 12 DVDs.

Over the years, so many of you have requested a visual version of Sacred Body Language Translations™ to assimilate and use to understand what Great Spirit is saying through your/our/my body language, we chose to respond. I thank Alana Heartsong, Ron James (of Ron James Studio in Sedona, Arizona) and Kathryne-Alexis Weygand (for her Love, Audio and Hollywood Film expertise) and for the thousands of friends over the years who taught me Sacred Body Language through your movements, symptoms, postures and your willingness to discover your underlying Truth.

May this set of DVDs awaken our Spirit-filled Communities in health care, business, parenting, partnering, and communication to a wonderfully new level of Understanding, Love, Health, Prosperity, Harmony and Grace. From our Heart to your Heart – enjoy upgrading with every Conscious Movement.

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    Diane Hollman

    Sacred Body Language Translations opened my awareness, knowing and trust that my body is my vehicle to my highest good in every now moment! My sincere thanks and love to Bob, Helena and Mignon for opening my world in this way. I continue to learn and expand my awareness and bow in gratitude to you all. Thank you! Diane

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