Thrive Your Life Series


This powerful Life Upgrade series includes the following 11 recorded self-study courses. After you purchase the series, you will receive an email with login information to access your classes.

Total Recording Time: 18 hours & 5 minutes


This series, facilitated by Robert Tennyson Stevens, is current and relevant to today’s culture and challenges.  Originally recorded as the Life Upgrade Series, you will find tremendous value and opportunity for huge upgrades as you laugh, cry, breathe and transform alongside class members in the recordings. Each of the 11 Online Empowerment Courses are stand-alone classes, yet fit together like stair steps to greater and greater alignment, clarity and motivation, putting each participant firmly behind the wheel guiding their own advancements.

  • Conscious Language™ and Internal Dialogue  
    CORE BENEFIT: Uplift, Encourage, and Inspire Yourself Continuously! (1hr 38min)
    Internal dialogue is a hidden blessing awaiting resolution. In this session, you will understand how to capture internal dialogue, notice it, and transform it with love. Discover how to partner with what we wrestled with, in the past, and restore ease, abundance, health and wealth.
  • Conscious Language™ and Creative Commitments
    CORE BENEFIT: Be Committed with Grace and Ease! (1hr 55 min)
    Negative repeating patterns can arise when we jump into a new idea, plan, strategy, relationship, career or action and are met with a feeling of “Oh no! Not again!” At times, we may hesitate to move forward because of memories of seeming repeating failures. Robert offers a new way of seeing your history as a door to your huge miracles awaiting your new choices and agreements.
  • Conscious Language™ and Body Signals
    CORE BENEFIT: Every Body Signal Is a Blessing! (2hrs 7 min)
    Discover how to easily and quickly understand the basics of what your body is saying and how to respond instead of react. You will learn to notice and understand each continuing signal as an upgrade. As your Spirit guides you to greater harmony and partnership within yourself, you will experience how much you are already Loved by your Creator.
  • Conscious Language™ and Relationships
    CORE BENEFIT: Build Co-Empowering Partnerships! (1hr 37min)
    Transforming Co-Dependence into Co-Empowerment is a God Send Upgrade Awareness Robert and Helena Stevens found exploring the upgrade and reversal to Co-Dependence. Co-dependence occurs anytime our happiness and contentment is dependent upon another person, place, condition, or thing. It is a glitch in our own value system, where we believe that others can (or can’t) make us happy. You will learn the language patterns and body signals of Co-Dependence and how to transform them into Co-Empowerment.
  • Conscious Language™ and High Agreements
    CORE BENEFIT: Remember and Live Your High Agreements! (1hr 42min)
    High Agreements are the results of living Co-Empowered lives. In this session, you will discover your inner heart’s pinnacle agreements and how to live them, propelling yourself into your Victory. Commit to your heart’s successful path both personally and professionally, and in all your relationships.
  • Conscious Language™ and Voting Victory
    CORE BENEFIT: Ignite Victory of Light Everywhere You Go. (1hr 11min)
    In this session, you will understand the importance and benefit of Voting Victory.  Robert explains the how and why behind voting your own personal victory and how everyone benefits together.
  • Conscious Language™ and  Essential Oils
    CORE BENEFIT: Lubricate Your Success with Pure Essential Oils. (1hr 39min)
    Pure essential oils are little bottles of God-Light. When used with prayers, decrees and affirmations, the frequency of the essential oils carry our words beyond doubt, restoring us to our original Divine Blueprint.
  • Conscious Language™ and Decrees
    CORE BENEFIT: Actualize Your Decrees by Feeling!  (1hr 36min)
    The connection between feeling and speaking is profound. In this session, Robert demonstrates the importance of how feeling the meaning in each word of our prayers, affirmation and/or decree changes the trajectory of our words and shapes our reality.
  • Conscious Language™ and Emotions
    CORE BENEFIT: Transform Your Emotion into Motion! (1hr 38min)
    E-motion means “against motion.” When we notice or feel a particular E-motion, we can transform it into beneficial motion. Discover an effective way to understand exactly what is happening emotionally, what e-motion transforms into, and what specific action to take to restore strength.
  • Conscious Language™ and Living Your Highest Choices
    CORE BENEFIT: Finding and Living Your Highest Choices (1hr 39min)
    Have you ever had a beautiful dream for moving forward, and settled for something less, something more manageable and/or doable? Settling is self-sabotage. Gain a clear path to remembering your Highest Choices and giving yourself permission to live your Highest Choices.
  • Conscious Language™ and SBLT Examples
    CORE BENEFIT: Sacred Body Language Translations Examples… (1hr 23 min)
    Sacred Body Language is a way of decoding and understanding exactly what our particular body signals mean. Through live demonstration, examples and interaction, Robert facilitates what each person is revealing to, and about, themselves.



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