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Upgrade Your Life: Mastery Systems Online University
Successful Self-Guided Upgrades
(You are your best Coach!)

Bringing our many life upgrade Tools and Technologies direct to you in your own home often and with easy investment is now a reality. Our Fiber Optic Line is in, bandwidth is 100 times faster, and Global interest is increasing for consistently Upgrading Your Life, Family, Career, Finances, Relationships, and Health! What this means to me is I now can deliver each morsel of Truth and Life Law I Steward to those on their Path of Self-Mastery. I Am thrilled to have this platform and your support in awakening Our Hearts and Consciousness to I AM that I AM.

In addition to special pricing on upcoming calls and classes, members get over $800 worth of online classes included for FREE!

Included Courses

  • The Big Equals
  • The Freedom Of Being Fully Present Audio Course
  • Transcending Right and Wrong Audio Course
  • Upgrade to Conscious Language™ with Ease
  • Conscious Language™ Community Building Audio Course
  • Applying Conscious Language™ and Sacred Body Language Translations™ to your life Audio Course
  • Setting And Attaining Your Highest Choices Audio Course
  • Sacred Body Language Translations (SBLT) Demonstration
  • Preparing for Greatness Audio Course
  • Upgrading My Human Operating System With Ease And Grace Audio Course


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