Quantum Thriving Technique Symposium – All Classes


This product includes all 14 courses of the MS-QTT Symposium.


Courses are presented live on Zoom with Robert Tennyson Stevens. Each topic contains one Zoom Session, approximately 1 hour long. A recording will be sent after each session and you will have lifetime access in your CustomerHub. When you purchase the entire Symposium, you will receive recordings of classes that are previously recorded.

MS-QTT Symposium is designed to prepare you for your All New Self (which is within you). Our curriculum is a 55 year build of awareness that is essential to awaken with Grace and Ease. 

In addition to our Symposium, awakening Your Own All New Path may be quickened with one of our facilitators. Contact us at enrollment@masterysystems.com to connect for your one-on-one guidance session. We have 7.5 billion of us awakening, and you may find becoming a MS-QTT Facilitator and helping the Shift of the Ages is on your Path. 

Courses Included: 

Introduction to Conscious Language™

Introduction to Conscious Language™ is designed to awaken first person, personal, outcome producing language. Our Universe is listening and reflecting back to us our spoken words as well as our inner speech and thoughts. Speaking only what we choose to come into manifestation is essential. Conscious Language is ultimately remembered instead of learned and is operating already in our Heart of Hearts.

Conscious Language™ & Body Language

Introduction to Sacred Body Language Translations™ continues language remembering by understanding how our body signals, sighs, digs, movements, postures, scratches and shifts are always telling our world the truth. Awakening to and understanding our own body signals and those of our world immensely increase communication and communion with each other and ourselves. SBLT is Spirit Expressing 24/7 and is always guiding us to accept miracles being delivered which have gone unnoticed.

Conscious Language™ & Our Eyes

Introduction to Bio-Optic Holography™ is the study of the Iris, Sclera and Pupil of the eye that instantly reveals where we are in consciousness, what our mission is, and with skill of a trained facilitator, step by step guidance into our Glorious Lives. Every change in thought, word and feeling will change the shape, topography, color and fiber structure of the eye. If the eye does not change, we have not changed.

Conscious Language™ & Imagination

Introduction to Imagination Activation™ is a way to shift our old self into our new self by using our conscious imagination to vividly experience our fulfilled state before we take any action. This is seeing the end from the beginning and being the end from the beginning which actually folds space and time.

Conscious Language™ & Outcome Mapping

Introduction to Outcome Mapping™ uses Conscious Language, Imagination
Activation, and Sacred Body Language Translations to map our new choices and outcomes with vividness and specificity. Outcome Maps redesign our reality into our Highest Choices allowing our shifts to be exactly what we choose.

Conscious Language™ & Prosperity

Introduction to Conscious Prosperity™ is a series of steps and awareness’s of allowing Heaven in all forms to manifest in our world. Building Heaven on Earth requires we be material masters. Prosperity, abundance, opulence of all good things and energy is already here for our use.

Conscious Language™ & Divine Union

Introduction to My Divine Partner Now™ shifts the individual choosing to have their Beloved into being already one with their Beloved. Scripture says Marriages are made in Heaven which is the Consciousness of God. Our Beloved is already in us and one with us. Our union point is within our Heart. Loving our God Self completely signals Union is agreed to. Whether already married, widowed, or single, this understanding shifts from aloneness to All Oneness and Union

Conscious Language™ & Nutrition

Introduction to H.U.G.S. (Human Upgrade Guidance System™) simplifies plant kingdom support for increasing life vitality and enthusiasm. Once an individual listens to their Heart, speaks only what they choose, listens and is obedient to their Spirit and life signals including Sacred Body Language, then nutrition is to amplify life instead of correct errors and get rid of symptoms. HUGS simplifies working with nature and lubricates and increases Love of Life

Conscious Language™ & Our Human Operating System

Introduction to your Conscious Human Operating System™ (CHOS). Just like our computers and cell phones use operating systems, so too, do we as humans have operating systems. Limiting language is what I call the Babel Virus. Pure Speech or Conscious Language is the upgrade installed in our Hearts ready to be engaged to live our Thriving Lives.

Conscious Language™ & Facilitation

Introduction to Mastery of Facilitation™ is a technique of shifting limitations and feelings into what we choose with Grace and Ease. Once someone learns everything is energy and love always wins and love is always senior, the unfolding of perfection becomes a simple step by step path to Thriving.

Conscious Language™ & Commitment

Introduction to Mastery of Commitment™ reminds the student only full commitment will win the day. What is revealed in MOC is the nature of Commitment (to come it, or bring it to yourself).

Conscious Language™ & Emotion

Introduction to Transforming Emotion Into Motion™ explores the transformational path emotions and feelings take downscale and once an emotion is touched with Love, the path of restoration of Love and Enthusiasm. Understanding what you are feeling is not who you are, just where you are is life changing.

Conscious Language™ & Co-Empowerment

Introduction to Transforming Co-Dependence Into Co-Empowerment™ shifts our perspective from looking outside for approval into seeing and being in our own Heart and Consciousness with Love. Co-Empowerment starts with Self-Empowerment and radiates security into our relationships building Co-Empowered Lives.

Conscious Language™ & High Agreements

Introduction to High Agreements™ or God Agreements are what Co-Empowerment reveals. Awakening to our true self and agreeing with our Divine Source and Divine Nature makes us a Sun Presence of strength and empowerment.


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