Today: September 28, 2021 4:54 am
Today: September 28, 2021 4:54 am

My Word Made Flesh Pre-Order
My Word Made Flesh Pre-Order
My Word Made Flesh Deep Dive Level 1 Online (Recordings)
My Word Made Flesh Deep Dive Level 1 Online (Recordings)


My Word Made Flesh, written by Robert Tennyson Stevens (Founder and CEO of Mastery Systems International Inc.)  with Marcella Vonn Harting, Phd. (Founder of Highest Potential Academy), and Foreword by Mary Young (Co-Founder and CEO of Young Living Essential Oils), is Pre-Launching at a substantial savings from retail.

Pre-Launch investment: $79
Retail Investment: $99

Our new book is actually many books systematically delivering Mastery Systems proprietary technologies for resolving health and wealth issues and upgrading and attaining ever-expanding highest choices. Our Book will also offer our international community of lovers of Young Living Essential Oils an entirely new additional approach to working with the Plant Kingdom to restore, replace, upgrade, and transform old patterns Awakening our All New Self.

In the Mastery Systems portion of Our Book, My Word Made Flesh, you will find all the technologies to successfully engage the 7 Transformational Steps:

  • Step 1. Engage Your Limitation and Love it                                                                                    
  • Step 2.  Put it into words with Sacred Body Language Translations™
  • Step 3. Get Specific with Specificity Factors™                                                                              
  • Step 4. Reverse the Curse (or Upgrade) with Conscious Language™ Decrees.                              
  • Step 5. Shift into Already Having with Imagination Activation™                                                 
  • Step 6. Change your frequency with Conscious Nutrition and Faith Builders™                           
  • Step 7. Outcome Map™ Your All-New Life


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