Keys to Shifting Self-Sabotage



Package Includes:

  • Introduction into Shifting Self-Sabotage Current Retail $177
  • Shifting Negative Self-Talk (Revive Your life Series #1) Current Retail $44
  • Shifting Unconscious Commitments (Revive Your life Series #2) Current Retail $44

Shifting SelfSabotage reconnects us to our Highest choices by showing us simple steps to shift our unconscious commitments into conscious creative commitments.

Imagine being able to quickly reveal hidden obstructions and self- sabotage, clear it and then discover your new alignment with your goals and dreams.
Imagine being able to assess in a few minutes what is happening in your world that may agree or disagree with your new path or plans.

This very powerful, very revealing, Self-Sabotage Assessment and Clearing Protocol provides you with a skill set that is similar to what your IT support person would do to clear and clean your computer. The difference is you are a conscious, living, breathing, co-creative being and your “programs” are based on beliefs, memories, genetics, socialization, and your language system. All of these are upgradeable and make up your Human Operating System. By understanding how to translate various words, body language indicators and life situations, the Life Upgrade Coaching system teaches you how to ask simple questions and understand how your conscious and unconscious responses to these questions will reveal what has been acting behind the scenes in your life.


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