Keys to Sacred Body Language Translations™



Package Includes:

  • Sacred Body Language Translations™ Back to Basics – Current Retail $111
  • Introduction to Sacred Body Language Translations™ – Current Retail $144
  • Body Signals and Their Reversal Upgrades – Current Retail $111 

Total Value: $366

Upgrade Your Connection to Your Spirit.

Can you imagine having a translator helping you understand what your inner-self is asking you for? This is exactly what Sacred Body Language Translations™ delivers.

What is Sacred Body Language Translations™

The signals of our body are a direct communication from our other-than-conscious self. Robert Tennyson Stevens has discovered some powerful and very helpful hints about how to listen, actually understand your own body signals, and how to reverse them.

Sacred Body Language Translations™ (SBLT) is a system of communication within each person. What is being communicated within and usually other-than-conscious level is a guidance system for the person’s survival.

When an individual has developed a health challenge… many requests and signals for change from their inner guidance self have gone unnoticed and unanswered. The same thing goes for relationships, finances, career… and every other aspect of our lives. Signals from our Inner Guide are sent to Bless our Path and all too frequently go unnoticed.


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