Conscious Prosperity Online

Conscious Prosperity Online


Conscious Prosperity


Edited from conference calls conducted by Robert Tennyson Stevens.

Imagine every sentient being on our planet experiencing their full knowing of prosperity. Sit as if you just won the lottery. Act as if you just received your Heart’s desire for real, right now. Prosperity is a frequency that already exists, and can be tuned into. Prepare the soil of your abundant garden, know what fruits you are passionate about harvesting, lovingly and faithfully tend your soil. What is your life like now that you are thriving? What is new and different? You may be delighted to realize many of these new and different activities can happen right this instant. Subtle shifts in consciousness can yield profound results! May this information bless you and remind you of your universal supply, your own personal brilliance, and your abilities to manifest your Heart’s desires now and now and now!

In these recorded conference calls, Robert addresses and reviews direct action steps to ensure the listener is aligned with Spirit and living in his or her abundant life. Receiving through others from Universal Supply instead of from others, Tithing, The Acorn Effect, Imaging From Already Being Abundant, and much more are covered in these four. A ‘must’? if you have been experiencing lack of any good thing including money. The only truth is God is Abundance. Each lesson is jammed packed with Robert giving steps and tools for success.


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