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Conscious Life Series (16 DVDs)


Conscious Life Series (16 DVDs)

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Conscious Life Series (16 DVDs)

In early 2011 I had one of those “Upgrade of a Lifetime” revelations. Contemplating my “Ah Has” I was inspired to video the applications of my new awareness and the following 8 Conscious Life Series Video Sets are the result.

Recorded Live, these 8 profound Events are timely and Golden adjustments in Consciousness for those of us realizing we are at the helm of our own ship. Enjoy by yourself, and share with your Community and Conscious Language Study Group. Let us build Heaven on Earth!



Speech, The Revealer

An important new approach to Conscious Language™. In this Event, Robert will address the other-than-conscious tendency to make our language patterns fit into the “right/wrong” pattern. Saying it “right” does not address how we actually feel about a given topic. Thoughts, words and feeling = manifestation. In this course we will discover how to let our limited pattern come up for full exploration and full upgrade with the Language of our Heart. Great for beginners and Language of Mastery™ Instructors alike.

2 DVDs, 3 segments, 139:46 minutes.


The Mirror of Relationships

The Role of Conscious Language™, High Agreements™, and Voting Victory in Conscious Relationships. Relationships are our proving ground. Every relationship is a reflection of our own Consciousness and therefore reveals something about our self. By engaging Conscious Language™ to arise to our High Agreements™, our own ability to Vote Victory in relationship is amplified many fold. This Event is for anyone in any type of relationship or desiring to be.

2 DVDs, 3 segments, 108:33 minutes.


Sacred Body Language, Our Full Communication Discovered

Our body signals, symptoms, movements, and patterns reveal deeper and deeper Spirit Talk for those “listening”. This Video Event focus on powerful, quick understandings available to those committed to being in harmony with their full self as well as the full self of others in their Life. Understand what your body messages are really calling for. All with a body will benefit. Great for beginner and Sacred Body Language Translation™ Facilitator alike.

2 DVDs, 3 segments, 143:07 minutes.

The Role, Power, and Requirement of Decrees

Decree, Affirmation and Prayer are our ultimate upgrade path in any Spiritual Practice. Energy follows thought. Decree a thing and it shall be established unto you. Consciously building Decrees designed to transform and replace limiting patterns into our Highest Choices complete Union in our Great Selves. Join us for this Very Intimate Sharing, from our Hearts. Yemiah Favor Co-Presents this Event with Robert.

3 DVDs, 5 segments, 216:25 minutes.

Moving Upscale and Our Feelings

Understanding the Scale and Octaves of the Emotional Harmonics opens the Stairway to Heaven in any situation. If you have yet to experience the power and effectiveness of understanding exactly where you are according to your own Scale of Emotional Harmonics, or if you choose to simplify your understanding and develop action strategies for moving upscale with Love, then this Event is for you. Especially for those choosing to master every experience with Conscious Love.

2 DVDs, 3 segments, 157:24 minutes.

The Freedom of Being Fully and Completely Present

Engaging the relief in the “Freedom Process”. This Event will be the first time the Freedom Process will be offered outside of our core Event, Mastery, Embodying Conscious Language™. Each participant will have the opportunity within themselves to upgrade their own nature of being Fully and Completely Present. For Beginners and Grads alike and Very Powerful.

1 DVD, 2 segments, 82:50 minutes.

Resolving Co-Dependence into Co-Empowerment

Anytime we believe or feel our happiness is dependent upon some other person, place, condition or thing outside of ourselves is the definition of Co-Dependence. This universally common experience can be upgraded by recognizing roles and patterns of the Co-Dependent life, and discovering adjustments we can make within ourselves to enjoy our Co-Empowered Lives. Anyone on planet Earth can benefit from this.

2 DVDs, 3 segments, 131:11 minutes.

The Law of Enthusiasm, Playing 125% and Frequency of Miracles

Anything less than Enthusiasm will contain self-sabotage. The Law of Miracles (so called) are states of Faith in Action with full participation (playing 125%). Upgrades happen in this Event just Be-Cause… Only Entheos (God In You) will bring us our True Abundance.

2 DVDs, 3 segments, 139:21 minutes.

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