Conscious Language™ & Quantum Thriving Technique – LA – April 2023


April 17-19, 2023

This is a Zoom Event. You will join in from your computer at home.


Day 1 (Evening) – April 17
Time: 7 pm – 10 pm

Be your own optimum self-upgrader, discovering how your whole brain “hears” language.  Instantly shift into being personally satisfied in all areas of your life.

Robert Tennyson Stevens has developed a unique curriculum of empowerment technologies designed to support you in manifesting, sustaining, and enjoying your heart’s desires. Introductory events include specific tools for upgrading your life in addition to Bio-Optic Holography™ and Sacred Body Language Translations™ demonstrations. Conscious Language™, Imagination Activation and the principles of Mastery are also lightly introduced. You are invited to attend our evening and experience your own personal upgrades with Robert. Explore the profound possibility you create your reality with every word you think, speak, and Feel.

Our Evening and two one day events will be a powerful exploration into Conscious Language™ & Quantum Thriving Technique which is an integration of Thoughts, Words, and Emotions with Sacred Body Language Translations™, Reversal Conscious Language™ Decrees and much more. Come prepared to more deeply remember who you truly AM.

Day 2 – April 18
Time: 9 am – 5 pm

During Day 2, we will be exploring Conscious Language™ & Quantum Thriving Technique. Discover how the signals and symptoms your body is consistently giving you are actually unclaimed Blessings waiting for your understanding, acceptance and agreement.

Conscious Language™ & Quantum Thriving Technique (CL-QTT) is a Human Operating System Upgrade to physical, emotional, and Spiritual wellbeing that expands the individual’s experience beyond their current known reality by translating hidden signals into questions and corresponding actions.

All true Divine upgrades are always bigger than we know (Quantum) and originate from the Invisible or Unseen or Secret or Great Silence (The QT).

CL-QTT is a multi-dimensional system of remembering and restoring our Grace filled lives where the individual awakens to Quantum (ever-expanding) levels of health, wealth, and thriving.

  • Conscious Language™
  • Sacred Body Language Translation™
  • The Codes of Consciousness™
  • My Word Made Flesh, 7 Steps
  • All For You™, 5 Actions of Embodiment
  • Conscious Language™ Boot Camp, 8 Progressions
  • Shifting Static States into Dynamic State for All New Quantum Thriving

Day 3 – April 19
Time: 9 am – 4 pm

Day 3 will focus on demonstrating with volunteers, through questions revealed designed through body signals, what has been hidden awaiting upgrades, course changes and shifts in consciousness. Each signal is always a Blessing and always Divine Guidance. Questions aare asked, so the individual guides themselves from within themselves.

The demonstration of CL-QTT is a benefit to all involved as many of us have the same or similar shifts and Blessings we have yet to give ourselves.



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