Conscious Language™ Quantum Thriving Technique Intro – LA – April 2023


April 17-19, 2023

14111 Airline Hwy
Baton Rouge, LA 70817


Day 1 (Intro Evening) – April 17
Time: 7 pm – 10 pm

Introductory Evenings are a great way to get acquainted with Conscious Language™ and Mastery Systems Technologies. Come prepared for your own personal upgrades!
Language shapes our reality. Through your language, you can transform your areas of limitations into your heart’s desires. Use Conscious Language™ to catch self-sabotage before it acts in your life and turn it into self-empowerment!

Be your own optimum self-upgrader, discovering how your whole brain “hears” language.  Instantly shift into being personally satisfied in all areas of your life.

Robert Tennyson Stevens has developed a unique curriculum of empowerment technologies designed to support you in manifesting, sustaining, and enjoying your heart’s desires. Introductory events include specific tools for upgrading your life in addition to Bio-Optic Holography™ and Sacred Body Language Translations™ demonstrations. Conscious Language™, Imagination Activation and the principles of Mastery are also lightly introduced. You are invited to attend our evening and experience your own personal upgrades with Robert. Explore the profound possibility you create your reality with every word you think, speak, and Feel.


We will be taking eye photos at all events for remote add Bio-Optic Holography sessions on a first come first serve basis.

Bio-Optic Holography™ is a powerful means to unlock your full potential. The key to your success is being conscious of your purpose on this planet and fulfilling your journey. Bio-Optic Holography™ may be your next quantum leap.
In Bio-Optic Holography™, your eyes reveal your latent and unexpressed capabilities and strengths awaiting full manifestation. You will experience revelations available
in the eye as we examine the fiber structures, topography and layers of color in the iris of the eye and the vascular activity in the sclera. You will learn that the path of “Your greatest weakness shall be your greatest strength” is actually visible in your eyes. Your session unfolds with your eye photos being taken at the event and your Video Session completed online after the tour.

Your eyes are read as a visual map revealing hidden patterns of thoughts, words, and feelings, all easily upgraded. When we change these three aspects of creation, our eyes will change as well. Our eyes are a perfectly coded biofeedback system.
Bio-Optic Holography™ Session with Robert Tennyson Stevens


  • 50 minute video session over the Internet
  • Eye Photos (Must be scheduled at time of purchase)
  • HUGS™ Roadmap Guidance Regular
  • All remote Bio-Optic Holography sessions will be scheduled following tour.
  • To book your eye photos, please email enrollment@masterysystems.com.


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Conscious Language™ Quantum Thriving Technique Intro – LA – April 2023

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