Conscious Language™ – Quantum Thriving Technique Facilitator Starter Kit


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  • 2012 All For You™ Live
  • May 2021 All For You™ Live Online
  • Oct 2022 Conscious Language™ Boot Camp, Level 1
  • Oct 2022 MWMF Deep Dive, Part 1
  • 2021 Sacred Body Language Translations™ All Live Online
  • 2022 Sacred Body Language Translations™ Deep Dive Boot Camp
  • Bio-Optic Holography™ Original DVDs as mp4 video files
  • 2022 Bio-Optic Holography™ Deep Dive Boot Camp
  • Life Upgrade Coaching Original™ Files
  • 2022 Life Upgrade Coaching™ Deep Dive Boot Camp


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