Conscious Language for Kids – Future Members


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In Conscious Language for Kids we will discuss:

  • Realms of Causation; athletics, bullying in school – creating compassionate leaders, academics, anxiety – confidence and awareness returning, teamwork, and voting victory / seeing perfection in their peers, teachers, nation and world.
  • Calling out Truth; how kids can demand and expect Truth from those speaking into their life.
  • Applied Faith; building a solid spiritual foundation for children.  The wisdom we cherish has real principles and lasting effect! This creates a deep relevance, even necessity, of Faith and Belief – being Alive in, in the modern world.  Science and spirit can and do co-exist!
  • Healthy Media; by being aware of their own words kids begin naturally filtering and selecting music, movies, and digital media that is uplifting and supporting their world.
  • Family discussion; with a common interest in our own highest potential families can share discussion time on what they’ve learned and the things they’ve experienced.
  • We may discover, as Spencer has, that we’re not so much coaching and teaching our young ones as much as we are awakening a deep remembrance in the Hearts of our children.  Just for a moment imagine what this can mean for our future, our world.


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