Bio-Optic Holography Facilitator Training


Comprehensive Bio-Optic Holography Facilitator Training Program

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Studying your own eyes, and the eyes of others, offers a superb and intimate form of facilitation, personally and professionally. Each set of eyes displays your life lessons and “why you are here”, as well as current reactions and responses to our ever changing environment. Bio-Optic Holography is a series of tools to share with your family and loved ones.

By examining the fiber structures, topography and layers of color in the iris of the eye, the vascular activity in the sclera, and facilitating with Conscious Language and Outcome Facilitation, a trained individual can easily resolve, understand, forgive and transmute long standing genetic and experiential reactions and limitations into choice and action. Robert Demonstrates, with the use of an extensive slide presentation and “eyes on” experience using a flashlight, how eyes reveal:

Life challenges / lessons

Mom’s Influence / Dad’s influence

Ease in receiving and feeling

Right brain / Left brain strengths

Hidden emotions / Body symptoms

Speech strengths / Latent potentials

Genetic lessons and much more…

When you register for Bio Optic Holography Facilitator Training Certification, here is what’s included.

Access to these courses in our online members area instantly after your registration is complete :

  • Live Webinar pre-training sessions Recorded from December 2014 pre-training 
  • 2010 Bio Optic Holography Video Training – SHIPPED RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR on a usb drive 
  • Bio-Optic Holography Facilitator Training – Video Course – Recorded from the LIVE 6 day event – 22 – 50 minute sessions – Approximately 18 hours of training

You’ll also receive your Complete Instruction Package (pictured above) shipped straight to your door. This beautiful product box is approximately 9″ x 12″ x 2″ and contains the following :

  • a USB drive with all the material hosted in our members area (listed above) so you can put it right on your computer
  • Bio-Optic Holography (11 DVDs) – 11 – 50 minute sessions, approximately 9 hours of training
  • Bio-Optic Holography Facilitator Manual – Printed Version

Upon registration you will receive a unique user name and password for the training, and will be granted Lifetime Access.

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Live Class Required to Receive Certification.

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