Bio-Optic Holography Training 2010


USB Drive with 18 hours of video training formatted for Mac and PC

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This live course filmed in Robert’s home is rich in detail and experience. It walks you through an in depth journey into the art of Bio Optic Holography, the science, the practice, and the essentials of how to get started with this art.

The training from beginning to end is approximately 14 hours. Below is a brief outline of the video course.

  • 1st Video: Introduction; going to show you a number of slides to support you in opening files to establish a context for the technology.
  • 2nd Video: If you are having a dialogue with someone who is not present you are engaging his or her consciousness in a psychic manner.
  • 3rd Video: Building the Systems of the Body
  • 4th Video: The Shift from people “needing to be healed” TO seeing people already healed.
  • 5th Video: Diving into charts and the zones of the iris.
  • 6th Video: Constitution and fiber structure
  • 7th Video: Assimilation and the importance of being able to receive or not shown through various examples. Fine details in the assimilation ring like what scaring is and means, and the ring and pupilary frill.
  • 8th Video: Always ask permission before beginning a facilitation with someone and the question that transforms it all, “What does this turn into?”
  • 9th Video: Before and After eye photos reflecting a change in consciousness and DNA
  • 10th Video: Building the EYE from the ground up
  • 11th Video: The ESSENES and the use of constructive thought and words.
  • 12th Video: Brain Flares, and brown eyes to blue eyes
  • 13th Video: Right and Left eye slides together, and how to start in on a session
  • 14th and 15th Video: The Human Upgrade Guidance System Roadmap (HUGS) and how to use it in assisting the movement upscale
  • 16th Video: SCLERA language : Understanding what the sclera means and how it shows what we believe to be true about our outside world.

The videos are shipped on a portable USB drive that contains files for Mac and PC.


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