Bio Optic Holography Facilitator Training

Bio-Optic Holography Facilitator


Bio-Optic Holography DVDs

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Bio-Optic Holography (11 DVDs)

Includes 11 DVDs + PDF file on CD for printing charts and additional support materials.

Filmed live during Bio-Optic Holography 201 & 301; 14 courageous souls offer their personal life experiences, challenges, and miracles for our learning and understanding as Robert facilitates them through their Bio-Optic Holography Readings.

History and examples of Iridology through its 3,000+ years of development are explored as Robert guides us through his system and approach to addressing our “whole being” according to what is revealed in the iris and sclera of our eyes. For grads of Sacred Body Language Translations, or those who have viewed our Sacred Body Language Translations DVDs.

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