Bio-Optic Holography Camera

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Our new BOH camera has the following features Great picture quality with the lens and lighting system.

Most of the camera system is hand made with parts from machines shops specifically designed for Mastery Systems. The main camera system includes the Nikon 24mp D3200 and a 90mm macro lens from Tamron, the SP AF90mm 2.8 Di.

A high level of detail is visible, not available from other cameras.

The camera fits in to an easy to carry pelican case.

The camera and stand fit into the case with ease and assembly can be easily done in a couple of minutes.

It includes extra sets of rechargeable batteries and a charger.

Transferring pictures to your computer is a breeze Simply plug in to the camera and USB portal on mac or pc with ease.

Mastery systems has support staff available to assist you with any questions About your camera. Camera and case are lightweight and easy to carry.

The investment INCLUDES shipping.

NEW Bio-Optic Holography easy set up video:

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Weight 10 lbs


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