META Body Electronics™

New Live In-Person Classes!

Live Your Powerful Life of Enthusiasm, Joy, Courage, Purpose and Love.

Registration for META Body Electronics™ LIVE also includes the BE Facilitator Online Course:

  • Participant preparation
  • Nutritional understanding
  • Basic and advanced point location and set up
  • Class dynamics
  • Imagination Activation exercises for the B. E. Instructor
  • and MORE…

Mastery Systems’ META Body Electronics™ offers an intense focus on the mind-body- spirit connection in a large, intimate group setting. Meta B.E. is sacred work that brings your electro-magnetic system directly into the center of our collective consciousness, and helps you transform your limiting beliefs using sustained acupressure, Life Upgrade Coaching Techniques that help surface powerful life affirming Decrees. In META Body Electronics™ sessions, everyone benefits from every session and you learn with and through others together in a loving community of seekers.

Illusory beliefs that have manifested into crystalline encoded structures in your body — – holding you back from reaching your full potential — – are engaged and dissolved and crystalized encoded patterns are transmuted into new awareness and High Agreements expressing your heart’s desires.

As a result of this work you will experience new dimensions of spiritual, physical, emotional and psychological strength and wellness. Mastery Systems teaches us to remember we are already what we desire to be. Reclaiming your Divine state is the birthright of every human being. By making sustained contact with your crystalized memories in your physical body through META Body Electronics™ you can rediscover your personal pathway to perfection.

META Body Electronics™ is an experience created by Robert Tennyson Stevens, standing on the shoulders of his mentor Dr. John Whitman Ray’s groundbreaking body electronics work. Robert not only experienced his own crystalized memory patterns transform into Blessings, he also discovered the tremendous power released and amplified in the collective love of a large community group. The resulting freeing of Light and Enthusiasm from the dissolving of the crystals raises the energy in the vibrational field of the community to a new octave. From here, quantum leaps abound.

META Body Electronics™ engages and frees the various systems of the body. In the first 5 to 7 days, Endocrine, Colon, Spinal, Cranial, and Abdominal Sessions activate the Divine Blueprint in each participant. In preparation for META Body Electronics™, Bio-Optic Holography Eye Photos are shown to the class to identify personal “circuit breakers” (acupressure points) for each participant. Circuit breakers are acupressure points that signal a person’s buried or hidden experiences and emotions – particularly difficult and traumatic ones. The hidden or buried energies are unresolved, yet recorded, self-limiting beliefs and patterns of behavior that have become crystalized.

When the acupressure points in your body corresponding to your circuit breakers are held with loving and commitment for a period of time by a large team of trusted co-participants the crystalized structures heat up and transform, freeing stuck patterns into creative expression. The team holding your points also experiences their own revelations and transmutations simultaneously. New octaves ripple through the vibrational fields in the room as multiple bodies’ points are held in sacred space. Feelings are powerfully engaged and since “Feeling is Healing”, a sense of wholeness, Divine connection, gratitude and freedom result.