Meta Body Electronics: Live Event
with Robert Tennyson Stevens

March 6-15, 2020
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Hard to Find Retreat
388 Hard To Find Dr
Brevard, North Carolina 28712

Registration for Meta Body Electronics LIVE also includes the BE Facilitator Online Course:  

  • Participant preparation
  • Nutritional understanding
  • Basic and advanced point location and set up
  • Class dynamics
  • Imagination Activation exercises for the B. E. Instructor
  • and MORE...

Meta Body Electronics™

Mastery Systems’ Meta Body Electronics™ offers an intense focus on the mind-body- spirit connection in a large, intimate group setting. Meta B.E. is sacred work that brings your electro-magnetic system directly into the center of our collective consciousness, and helps you transform your limiting beliefs using sustained acupressure, Life Upgrade Coaching Techniques that help surface powerful life affirming Decrees. In Meta Body Electronics™ sessions, everyone benefits from every session and you learn with and through others together in a loving community of seekers.

Illusory beliefs that have manifested into crystalline encoded structures in your body -- - holding you back from reaching your full potential -- - are engaged and dissolved and crystalized encoded patterns are transmuted into new awareness and High Agreements expressing your heart’s desires.

As a result of this work you will experience new dimensions of spiritual, physical, emotional and psychological strength and wellness. Mastery Systems teaches us to remember we are already what we desire to be. Reclaiming your Divine state is the birthright of every human being. By making sustained contact with your crystalized memories in your physical body through Meta Body Electronics™ you can rediscover your personal pathway to perfection.

Meta Body Electronics™ is a 10-day experience created by Robert Tennyson Stevens, standing on the shoulders of his mentor Dr. John Whitman Ray’s groundbreaking body electronics work. Robert not only experienced his own crystalized memory patterns transform into Blessings, he also discovered the tremendous power released and amplified in the collective love of a large community group. The resulting freeing of Light and Enthusiasm from the dissolving of the crystals raises the energy in the vibrational field of the community to a new octave. From here, quantum leaps abound.

From Day One through Day 10, Meta Body Electronics™ engages and frees the various systems of the body. In the first 5 to 7 days, Endocrine, Colon, Spinal, Cranial, and Abdominal Sessions activate the Divine Blueprint in each participant. In preparation for Meta Body Electronics™, Bio-Optic Holography Eye Photos are shown to the class to identify personal “circuit breakers” (acupressure points) for each participant. Circuit breakers are acupressure points that signal a person’s buried or hidden experiences and emotions – particularly difficult and traumatic ones. The hidden or buried energies are unresolved, yet recorded, self-limiting beliefs and patterns of behavior that have become crystalized.

When the acupressure points in your body corresponding to your circuit breakers are held with loving and commitment for a period of time by a large team of trusted co-participants the crystalized structures heat up and transform, freeing stuck patterns into creative expression. The team holding your points also experiences their own revelations and transmutations simultaneously. New octaves ripple through the vibrational fields in the room as multiple bodies’ points are held in sacred space. Feelings are powerfully engaged and since “Feeling is Healing”, a sense of wholeness, Divine connection, gratitude and freedom result.

Mastery Systems version of Meta Body Electronics is an opportunity to...

  • Learn the History

    Learn the basics of the field of Body Electronics -- - its history, principles, biology and divine purpose.

  • Acupressure Points

    Learn the meaning of the various acupressure points and how they both hold fast and can miraculously free up your body systems, memories and emotions.

  • Experience the Power

    Experience the power of having your own points held with love by members of the community as you discover sources of your limiting beliefs and engage your deep inner life anew.

  • Transformation of Unconsciousness

    Experience the transformation of unconsciousness, apathy, grief, fear, anger pain and struggle as held-points dissolve memories formerly locked in crystalline structures, freeing awareness, caring and ease, joy, trust, forgiveness, and Enthusiasm.

  • Liberate your Spirit

    Deeply feel your feelings -- - including pain and struggle -- - and learn to stay with them, breathe into them and love them, letting be OK just the way they are, without judgment, is to liberate your Spirit encoded in the sacred vessel of your body.

  • Find New Levels of Co-Empowered Relationships

    Experience the glory of your Conscious community partnering together while going through this intense experience brings new levels of Co-Empowered relationships.

Meta Body Electronics™ is based on the concept that your body is electromagnetic energy. This energy can become crystallized when experiences are resisted and suppressed and remain unresolved and hidden from your consciousness, yet ever active broadcasting and repeating the limitation. Meta Body Electronics™ processes help liberate and free your body systems to new levels of rejuvenation and energy.

To begin the course, upfront instruction covers the meaning embedded in various body parts in great detail: Teeth Roots, Cranial Variations, Occipital Calcifications, Deviated Septums, Bladder Lift, Old Fractures, Tail Bone, STO Point / Nerve Supply, Techniques of Memory Retrieval, Light Techniques for Scars, Scapula / Burden Points, etc.

The following days include individualized Meta Body Electronics™ Sessions for every participant. Each day focuses on one specific body system -- - Endocrine System, Lymphatic System, Skeletal System, Digestive System, Circulatory System, Respiratory System. During the training, Robert shares his own story of the profound upgrades he experienced as a result of body electronics in groups with his mentor, the renowned Dr. Ray.

During his sessions, Robert experienced a connecting of many of his limited belief systems (genetic and experiential) as nearly all of his acupressure points were held by fellow participants. He points out that people who have experienced Conscious Body Electronics know that point-holding dissolves crystals trapped in the body and produces tremendous heat in the melting process. The intense feeling can bring up memories that led to those limiting beliefs. The individual, in community with her or his team of point-holders, has the opportunity to love these memories and dissolve (transmute, transform, translate) stuck patterns into new states of health, consciousness, awareness, thoughts, words, feelings, and reality—believed in.

Robert describes his own experience as follows:

Imagine having every (or most every) limited belief pattern stored in your body’s computer dissolved at one time. This is what happened to me. My life and everything based on the lies of the illusion (I had believed in) began to dissolve. Any of my relationships based on limitation or co-dependence began to unravel. My plans, personal, professional, spiritual, based on any limitation began to disappear. I struggled to keep my limited patterns alive, not knowing the energy within these patterns was awaiting my agreement with my Divine Pattern—my Divine Blueprint. I did not understand what was happening then. This was painful in the extreme until I began to understand.

What I did not know, and what I AM now beginning to be aware of, is how powerful we can be for each other to connect/activate our circuit breakers (acupressure points) and lovingly dissolve our limitations at the same moment, offering each other a way to step into our True Selves and live our True Lives of Union with our Creator, within—as long as we do this Consciously. This new approach is what I feel directed to share with my fellow students of Self-Mastery.

As a result of his experience with Body Electronics, Robert has designed Meta BE as an act of sacred service, to pass along this opportunity to others and ultimately to the global community. It is a process in which a number of point holders work with an individual participant and hold points encapsulating your limiting beliefs and patterns. As the crystals encoding these beliefs are dissolved through loving and conscious point-holding, your body is redirected to its divine and perfect state, eliciting a grand and profound result.

You then stabilize your results through Decrees and Affirmations that nourish and sustain your transformation over time. Repeated in glory, with power and conviction, your Decrees and Affirmations become new patterns of thriving and abundance. Meta BE is truly a divine dance. Once experienced you will, in Robert’s words, “Walk New.”

Meta BE

Body Electronics Facilitator Training – Video Course Overview / Outline

  • Participant preparation
  • Nutritional understanding
  • Basic and advanced point location
  • Basic and advanced point set up
  • Class dynamics


Additional details:

When you register for Meta Body Electronics, you will get instant access to Body Electronics Facilitator Training Video Course.



  • All for You 2.5 day course
    • This prerequisite is satisfied if you have attended the LIVE course or have taken the Online Edition.
  • These 3 DVD Sets make up the Mastery Preparation Kit and are included in the All for You Box Set
    • View Living the Path of Conscious Language™ (3 DVDs)
    • View The Power of Imagination Activation™ (3 DVDs)
    • View Outcome Mapping™ (1 DVD)

Mandatory Nutritional Preparation

Start your mandatory nutritional preparation program 4-weeks prior to event. More information will be given upon registration. 

What to Bring

  • A set of colored pens you love writing with
  • Wear clothing of life-giving colors (other than black/gray), and natural fabrics
  • All grads attending — bring your previous class notebook
  • Your favorite fingernail clipper (to hold points you are required to remove all fingernail tips that extend beyond the “quick.”)