Meet Mandy!

Mandy is our newest addition to our In-House Coaches! “I AM in my full enthusiasm. I embrace my divine gifts and empowered energetic connection as a “Facilitator in Soul Path Guidance.”

My life’s experiences and training within the Mastery Systems assist in transformation to move upscale at the speed of light in personal lives, relationships, and careers. In continued dedication to be of service to others, I support the individual in BEING in their God-given strengths and, by doing so, create an entire community of “REmembering,” creating spiritual awareness and emotional wholeness. Self exploration is the first step along the path of conscious evolution. Simultaneously, the true divinity in healing oneself lies in discovering, accepting, and honoring one’s divine gifts and purposeful role in our humanity.

I reside in the Idaho panhandle with my husband, Kurt. We have four exceptional children who are awake and sovereign in their world. I am an author, teacher, speaker, carpenter, and the founder of Positive Practice.”