Mastery Systems Quantum Thriving Technique Symposium

Revealing your next steps forward

Mastery Systems is devoted to sharing techniques and tools that have proven to awaken our True, Masterful Self. As you will discover, our current social language system is Babel which means confusion. As a Humanity, we are remembering the Language of Our Heart, what I call Conscious Language™. Shifting from a human operating system of confusion based on the right/wrong duality to the Language of I AM is a complete upgrade and requires the student to operate in an all new way.   

We, at Mastery Systems, have heard the same questions asked many times, “Where do I start?” and “What class do you recommend?” Entering this upgrade path is for those who understand and are called to living All New. For the purpose of building bridges, we share with you what we have discovered along our All New Path.

Courses are presented live on Zoom with Robert Tennyson Stevens. Each topic contains one Zoom Session, approximately 1 hour long. A recording will be sent after each session and you will have lifetime access in your CustomerHub.

You are invited to do one, many or all! Save by enrolling in all 14 classes.  Click on the class name below to see the full class description. 

Introduction to Conscious Prosperity – 2023

Prosperity is a frequency that already exists and can be tuned into. We can prepare the soil of our abundant garden, know what fruits we are passionate about harvesting, and longingly and faithfully tend our soil. Subtle shifts in consciousness can yield profound results. A direct, exacting, inseparable link exists

Quantum Thriving Technique Symposium – All Classes

Courses are presented live on Zoom with Robert Tennyson Stevens. Each topic contains one Zoom Session, approximately 1 hour long. A recording will be sent after each session and you will have lifetime access in your CustomerHub. When you purchase the entire Symposium, you will receive recordings of classes that are

Symposium Class 01 – Introduction to Conscious Language™ – 2023

Date Recorded: March 5 Robert Tennyson Stevens has developed a unique curriculum of self-empowerment technologies designed to support you in manifesting, sustaining, and enjoying your heart’s desires. Language shapes our reality. Catch self-sabotage before it acts in your life and turn it into self-empowerment. Through language, you can transform our

Symposium Class 02 – Conscious Language™ & Body Language – 2023

Date: March 12 Time: 8 pm Eastern Upgrade Your Connection to Your Spirit! Can you imagine having a translator helping you understand what your inner-self is asking you for? This is exactly what Sacred Body Language Translations™ delivers. Sacred Body Language Translations™ (SBLT) is a system of Divine communication within

Symposium Class 03 – Conscious Language™ & Our Eyes – 2023

Date: March 19 Time: 8 pm Eastern How can we find our mission? Look in the mirror! Our own eyes reveal exactly where we are in consciousness and what to do to have our perceived weaknesses become our immense strengths. Whatever is going on in your life is not who

Symposium Class 04 – Conscious Language™ & Imagination – 2023

Date: March 26 Time: 8 pm Eastern Our wants, needs, desires--can all be attained! If we desire something, that something is already reaching us or we would not be aware of it as our desire. By getting specific with our desire, and changing our relationship with our desire in our

Symposium Class 05 – Conscious Language™ & Outcome Mapping – 2023

Date: April 30 Time: 8 pm Eastern Outcome Facilitation is a technique of seeing, being and testing our outcome before we take any action. By identifying current reality (the facts of our now), clarifying your Vision, and taking loving actions in alignment with your tested Outcome ensures success.   Outcome Mapping™

Symposium Class 07 – Conscious Language™ & Divine Union – 2023

Date: May 7 Time: 8 pm Eastern Your twin flame, your Divine complement already exists – looking for them is missing the mark. We have always been one with our twin love. Being our own Divine Partner attracts our counterpart. Merging with our Creator is the first step to realizing our

Symposium Class 08 – Conscious Language™ & Nutrition – 2023

Date: June 4 Time: 8 pm Eastern HUMAN UPGRADE GUIDANCE SYSTEM (HUGS) is a series of access questions our trained Facilitators use to help you partner with plant and mineral kingdom to add faith and ease in moving upscale.  Is it time to get the full value of your food

Symposium Class 09 – Conscious Language™ & Our Human Operating System – 2023

Date: June 11 Time: 8 pm Eastern We have a conscious self, and we have an other-than-conscious self (subconscious). If we are aware and creating what we choose, I call this a Conscious Human Operating System (CHOS). If we are reactively creating what we fear or hate or judge, I

Symposium Class 10 – Conscious Language™ & Facilitation – 2023

Date: July 2 Time: 8 pm Eastern Mastery of Facilitation takes us more deeply into the Codes of Consciousness Robert uses to facilitate transformation with ease and Grace. The facilitation techniques found in the Codes of Consciousness include: Sacred Body Language Code   Self Facilitation Code Imagination Activation Code   Outcome Facilitation

Symposium Class 11 – Conscious Language™ & Commitment – 2023

Date: July 9 Time: 8 pm Eastern Mastery of Commitment offers an opportunity to identify and resolve our repeating patterns. Through this course, you will discover your own repeating patterns you have agreed to other-than-consciously.  Repeating patterns are Other-Than-Conscious-Commitments and can be carried genetically through Mom and Dad.  Once we

Symposium Class 13 – Conscious Language™ & Co-Empowerment – 2023

Date: July 23 Time: 8 pm Eastern Anytime we believe or feel our happiness is dependent upon some other person, place, condition or thing outside of ourselves is the definition of Co-Dependence. This universally common experience can be upgraded by recognizing roles and patterns of the Co-Dependent life, and discovering

Symposium Class 14 – Conscious Language™ & High Agreements – 2023

Date: July  30 Time: 8 pm Eastern High Agreements are the result of 20+ years integrating and applying Conscious Language™, conscious choice and Transforming Co-Dependence into Co-Empowerment™. In High Agreements you will have the opportunity to discover your own inner hearts' pinnacle agreement(s), which when lived propel us into victory.

MS-QTT Symposium is designed to prepare you for your All New Self (which is within you). Our curriculum is a 55 year build of awareness that is essential to awaken with Grace and Ease. 

In addition to our Symposium, awakening Your Own All New Path may be quickened with one of our facilitators. Contact us at to connect for your one-on-one guidance session. We have 7.5 billion of us awakening, and you may find becoming a MS-QTT Facilitator and helping the Shift of the Ages is on your Path.