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Every human being, group, family,
and organization is effectively served by
mastering its Life Path. Mastery Systems
awakens the Self Coach within each of us.


Explore what you can achieve, who you are and what you can do to let go of the past and start embracing all that your future holds.


Robert Stevens has a beautiful, powerful and no holds bar way of bringing God right to the heart of your deepest wound and allowing the I AM heal you.  If you are ready to live, I mean to truly live, then this is the journey for you. Mastery Systems All For You is the perfect title because IT IS ALL FOR YOU!!  
Don't wait, don't think, just go! 
- Tonya L.

For me the connection between right/wrong duality separating me from my God in me was stepping through the veil.  The walking in miracles daily with gratitude is my new motto in my renewed fully playing at 125. I am a leader of abundance 

Thank you Bob and team Mastery.
-Regan G. 

Let the weak women say “I am strong”!  In this class I see clearly how often I would look outside myself for confirmation and if not received my little self would jump right in to talk me out of my New Self.  NOW, I stand in my God authority, sovereign within myself.  I feel fully the meaning of my decrees. Every cell of my body vibrates in harmony.  I received the miracle of healing for my left knee and I partner with myself.
- Emme S.

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