Imagination Activation™

Imagination Activation™ is a primary tool used when an individual has awakened Conscious Language™ and has discovered Conscious Choice is available. Our many courses and materials about activating imagination provide a systematic approach to shifting reality and manifestation. Each tool and technique is essential for those committed to success.

Manifestation, Imagination, Outcomes and Thriving

The role of imagination is the very next step in Mastery Systems. When the individual awakens to what they are creating with their words and thoughts and the fact the subconscious (and the Universe) is listening and obedient, they immediately begin to make lots of new choices. Words like “I want” (I lack, I desire without having) begin to shift into words like “I Choose”, and “I Claim.” Once we have made a new choice, the novice will attempt to find a how can I have my new choice, which only limits creative power. With Imagination Activation, we can shift the self-sabotage pattern of trying to figure out how (scripture; I have ways ye know not of, and they are beyond finding out, i.e. the how) to attain what we choose into the Miracle of imagining already having what we choose. Creation only gives us what we are Conscious of Being, not what we would like to be or choose to be (meaning we choose it=we do not yet have it).


See The End From The Beginning

True imagination is not moving the blocks of our seen reality from one spot to another; it is the pouring forth of an entirely new reality according to the well spring of dreams within your heart.

In fact, your imagination holds the key to your heart’s desires. Your imagination is pure. It doesn’t perceive the obstacles we sometimes create in our subconscious minds. Your imagination can help you determine your mission in life and your highest choices in each moment.

Live Your Highest Choices

By imagining what your life is like once you have achieved your heart’s desires, you are upgrading your consciousness about what’s possible, even true, in your life. Once you have imagined your desired outcome and beyond you can learn to live from your outcome as your truth. As you do so, your subconscious mind brings you your new reality from where and when you are imagining and living.

We know this seems too easy. In fact, it is easy once you have the tools.

Ignite Creativity

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