Bio Optic Holography Facilitator Training

Bio-Optic Holography Facilitator Training: Live Event!

Registration for Bio-Optic Holography Facilitator LIVE also includes the BOH Facilitator Box Set and Online Access ($2,222 Value):

  • Bio-Optic Holography Facilitator Training - Video Course
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Bio-Optic Holography Facilitator Training

Bio-Optic Holography™ Facilitator Immersion is an advanced course conceived and designed by Mastery Systems founder Robert Tennyson Stevens to significantly expand the toolkit of Life Upgrade Coaches and Bio-Optic Holography™ Facilitators.

This immersion training provides an empowering upgrade, adding new in-depth insights and capabilities to the Mastery System community and its commitment to transformative coaching and to consciousness-building facilitation. It also contributes to our commitment to building a network of Divinely-inspired community centers that heighten global consciousness.

Bio-Optic Holography™ Facilitator Immersion is an advanced complement course with:

  • Sacred Body Language Translations™ Facilitator Training
  • Bio-Optic Holography™ Facilitator Training

They are offered successively in a comprehensive 9-day combination course and are designed for the facilitator who is already sharing Conscious Language™, Outcome Facilitation™, and Imagination Activation™.

This immersion course is a main component of the Mastery Systems Human Operating System Technology --- the core conceptual framework for facilitators and participants involved in our body of work. Our work is on the leading edge of consciousness evolution; it is effective with individuals and groups consistently and repeatedly when applied with understanding and the transformational power of Love.

Becoming a Master Level Bio-Optic Holography™ Facilitator is a commitment an individual makes to “see perfection,” systematically facilitating the awakening and remembering of the True Self within those on the path of enlightenment. Bio-Optic Holography™ is an advanced form of Sacred Body Language Translations, and similarly reveals what is hidden and awaiting upgrades.

By immersing yourself in this course, facilitators will experience profound new levels of personal Consciousness. Since "all coaching is self-coaching" you will be prepared to provide personal coaching and group facilitation at new levels of effectiveness --- higher octaves of Divine service.

Mastery Systems Bio-Optic Holography™ Facilitator Immersion is an opportunity ...

  • To explore deeply your current reactions and responses to your ever changing environment.
  • To develop a series of tools to share with your family, loved ones and clients.
  • To support individuals as they easily resolve, understand, forgive and transmute long standing genetic and experiential reactions and limitations into choice and action.
  • To access, reveal, engage, and create upgrade pathways to unfold and enjoy the embodiment of full potential consciously.
  • To identify alternatives in nutrition, in diet and in wellness practices based on what shows up in the eye.
  • To facilitate in a loving and supportive fashion as eyes reveal:
  • Life challenges and lessons - the effect of trauma and life experiences …
  • The impact of the surrounding environment of your life span …
  • Mom's Influence / Dad's influence …
  • Ease in receiving and feeling …
  • Right brain / Left brain strengths …
  • Hidden emotions / Body symptoms …
  • Speech strengths / Latent potentials …
  • Genetic lessons --- and much more …

Your eyes reveal your latent and unexpressed capabilities and strengths awaiting full manifestation. You will experience revelations available in the eye as you examine the fiber structures, topography and layers of color in the iris of the eye and the vascular activity in the sclera. You will learn that the path of “Your greatest weakness shall be your greatest strength” is actually visible in your eyes.

Training methodology includes Robert’s inspiring interactive lectures, the use of extensive photo  presentations using eye photos, eye diagrams, an "eyes on" interactive practicum experience using a bright light to see deeply into the eye. "Before" and "after" eye photos will be taken with our ALL NEW 24 mega pixel Bio-Optic Holography Camera, and used for extensive personalfacilitation enhancing this dynamic experience.

We already have the capacity to fully understand each other through our eyes “other-than-consciously.”  In a split second, we can know each others innate strengths. Your life purpose and choices are visible in your eye.  Bio-Optic Holography™ gives us an advanced tool of empowerment to understand, translate and transform ourselves and our world.  The before and after photos show students’ eye changes in a very short period of time after using Mastery Systems upgrade techniques to shift their reality. Mastery Systems techniques are unique, systematic and repeatable.

Mastery Systems’ Life Upgrade Coaching Curriculum reveals your Great Self within. Accessing our own innate genius is our quickest and strongest path to ever-expanding success in all areas of life. The areas of study for Life Upgrade Coaching provide a superhighway for the professional facilitator to understand what Robert Stevens calls the Codes of Consciousness.

The beauty and majesty of BOH is that we do not have to wait for some life crisis or situation to discover what is being said. BOH is a visual map revealing hidden patterns of thoughts, words, and feelings, all easily  upgraded. When we change these three aspects of creation, our eyes will change as well. Our eyes are a perfectly coded biofeedback system.

For our Life Upgrade Coaches this class is a significant upgrade to your tool kit.  For those who are Conscious Language Facilitators, this Immersion Training is a powerful next step. Because of Mastery Systems continuing expansion, Robert is focusing on training BOH Facilitators and gathering those Called to Serve in this capacity to facilitate more and more BOH Sessions.  Graduates can participate in team Bio-Optic Holography™ sessions with Robert, which is a phenomenal way to shift our lives and Upgrade our skills.

If you are ready to co-create in grace, fully present, seeing perfection in yourself and others, Bio-Optic Holography™ is a powerful means to unlock your full potential and Serve in a miraculous way. The key to your success is being Conscious of your purpose on this planet and fulfilling your journey. Bio-Optic Holography™ may be your next quantum leap. Remember, SEE YOUR PERFECTION.