Transforming Co-Dependence Into Co-Empowerment (Co-Co) And High Agreements – Austin, TX

February 22, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 4:30 pm
Nature's Treasures
4103 N Interstate 35
TX 78722

$99 Pre-registration
or $122 at door

“Do you feel like other people’s opinions control you?”

Co-Dependence may be the root cause of struggle and disappointment

Build deeper and stronger happiness, harmony, intimacy, and security in your relationships…

Co-dependence is anytime our happiness and contentment is dependent upon another person, place, condition, or thing. This is giving away the keys to our success to something in our outer world.

Co-dependent relationships are really just a glitch in our own value system. It’s where we believe that others can make us happy or not. Simply put, if your happiness can be taken away by other people’s mood or opinions, that is co-dependence.

Our relationships are like a reflection of our consciousness. It would be like having a dirty boot reflecting in a mirror. Now Imagine trying to clean the image in the mirror to clean the actual boot, it just doesn’t work. The boot is just us and all we have to do is clean up our own consciousness.

It is reported by therapists who deal with cases of co-dependence that 90 – 100% of persons living in progressive civilizations are influenced by co-dependence. In recent years, Therapists contend that co-dependence is a serious condition when left untreated can lead to a life of disappointment and struggle.

Co-Empowered Sovereignty is our true identity

Humanity is in the middle of waking up pure speech which is I AM That I AM instead of “I’m ok if you’re ok”. We are remembering we are the captain of our fate.

When I discovered co-dependence, it took my wife and I a year and a half to discover what co-dependence upgrades into, Co-Empowerment.

Once I discovered co-empowerment, people got it instantly. I’ve shared this technology with tens of thousands of people and the moment they heard that co-dependence turns into co-empowerment they started taking action right away and upgrading their relationships.

The step by step system of transforming co-dependence into co-empowerment is vital for having the joy of our sovereign lives.

Bundle and Save!

Three events for only $299 (save $76) pre-registered

  • February 22 - Transforming Co-Dependence Into Co-Empowerment (Co-Co) And High Agreements
  • February 23 - Sacred Body Language Translations™ and Bio-Optic Holography™
  • February 24 - The Power of Imagination Activation with Outcome Mapping

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