Intro to Conscious Language™ – Oakland Park, FL

June 4, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Center for Inner Wisdom
4849 N. Dixie Highway Oakland Park
FL 33334

Discover Conscious Language™ and upgrade from the language of self‐sabotage to the Language of Self‐Success.

Introductory Evenings are a great way to get acquainted with Conscious Language and Mastery Systems Technologies. Come prepared for your own personal upgrades!

Our language reveals where we are in our consciousness. What we say to others with our spoken word and to ourselves with our inner speech affects what we manifest in our life. Language changes are extremely powerful. When we can learn to upgrade our language to speak only what we choose to come into manifestation we can bring forth quantum levels of ever expanding success. Discover how your language, your own words, thoughts, feelings and all your expressions shape your reality moment to moment, word by word, pre‐describing and pre‐ordering your outer reality.

Language shapes our reality

Catch self-sabotage before it acts in your life and turn it into self-empowerment. Transform through language, your own areas of limitations into your heart's desires. Be your own optimum self-programmer, learn how your whole brain "hears" language. Instantly shift into being personally satisfied in all areas of your life.

Join us for a fun, enlightening evening to discover how you can start changing your current reality into your heart’s desire.