CustomerHub Help

We are happy to help you find all of your online courses on Your CustomerHub. 

Log in to your CustomerHub at this url:

If your course is a multi-session virtual course or a group course, the recordings/classes will appear on their own page (example pictured below). The page you are currently viewing will be pink while the other tabs will be purple. 

If the recording that you are looking for is a personal coaching session or a one-on-one with a Mastery Systems coach, the recording will be in your personal FileBox. To find your personal FileBox, log in, scroll over your name in the top right corner and click File Box. From there, you can download your recording files.

If the system says that your username/password is incorrect, please confirm that you are entering the same email address that you used to make your purchase from Mastery Systems. 

If you are having challenges with the Customerhub, please email our support team at

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