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The Freedom Of Being Fully Present Audio Course

Robert Tennyson Stevens has profoundly discovered the importance of being fully and completely present in his life. Anything less than being in my present now fosters struggle, internal dialogue, stress, and limitation.

Every situation I find myself in that is less than my highest choice has acting some suppressed or hidden feeling I have yet to touch and embrace.

Robert Tennyson Stevens

Over the years, Bob discovered and designed a step by step transformational strategy that directly and effectively uncovers what is hidden, brings it to awareness, while pulling out the entire root system like crabgrass, and engages a reversal of what was formerly hidden into dynamic Blessings awaiting manifestation.

Bob has discovered, even though The Freedom Process™ is shared in many of our Events, we can all use greater skill and understanding in applying this technique. Any repeating pattern, health/relationship/financial/career/family issue has some hidden feeling and is completely upgradeable.

I invite you to master The Freedom Process™! It works every time for me.

Robert Tennyson Stevens

Thank you for Being Here Now!

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The Freedom Of Being Fully Present

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  1. Kayleigh Kunselman says:

    Are the worksheets discussed in the audio available to download somewhere?

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