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Conscious Language™


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News flash:  It is possible to fulfill your dreams.  In fact, it can be easy! Mastery Systems Founder, Robert Tennyson Stevens,  has a unique understanding of language and how our pure speech combined with our creative imagination and holistic health speeds up manifestation of each individual’s dreams.  Robert created these resources to guide you on your journey to awakening your masterful self.

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Self Sabotage Assessment and Clearing

The Role of Language in Your Successful Life

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Manifestation, Imagination, Outcomes and Thriving

The role of imagination is the very next step in Mastery Systems. When the individual awakens to what they are creating with their words and thoughts and the fact the subconscious (and the Universe) is listening and obedient, they immediately begin to make lots of new choices. Words like “I want” (I lack, I desire without having) begin to shift into words like “I Choose”, and “I Claim.” Once we have made a new choice, the novice will attempt to find a how can I have my new choice, which only limits creative power.