Conscious Language™ Boot Camp

Bob realized this event experience is essential for all of us at this time. All Conscious Language™ students, beginners to advanced, are encouraged to attend this two-evening experience.

Sunday and Monday, November 6 & 7, 8-10:00pm ET 

Because our event is highly personal and experiential, please invite someone you feel secure with to invest alongside you. Very profound language embodiment exercises are given for the time between and after our sessions. 

If you choose to be partnered with another class participant, a private Mastery Systems Online Community Channel is available through Mastery Systems Membership to find your perfect partner for these exercises.

The purpose of CLBC is to shift from saying things the right way to believing (being-alive-in) what you say. This is an entirely new approach and engages our core limitation genetic and experiential patterns with very exacting language upgrades in a systematic replacement and upgrade approach.

Imagine where you could be today in your Life if you believed in every cell of your Being “I Can” or “I AM that I AM,” or “I always have what I require”.

Register now as our current Zoom capacity is limited. Invite your loved ones, your community, your business team, and everyone you choose to see thrive!

What is required from you?

  1. Sign up for our membership at any level with Mastery Systems.
  2. Register for CLBC with the same email address as your membership.
  3. Agree to the following participation guidelines:
  • Be in a quiet place for our class each evening.
  • Be completely committed to your Victory and each other’s Victory.
  • Be still if your video is on. If you must move about, please keep your video off.
  • Gather your partner to share the exercises.

4. Write your testimonial on your experience of CLBC.

Note from Bob:

“Here is what I have learned about gifting.

Gift through yourself from your Creator (Universal Supply) instead of from yourself. Send your Gift through the receiver into Universal Supply. In this way your Gift or Tithe is Spiritually Connected for all involved.

Another personal Miracle is to ask my Heart the amount and gift that amount. Many times I Am amazed at the results of being guided by my Heart.”

Invest In Yourself

Invest In Yourself +1

This option is for those who are able and choose to sponsor another students class tuition.

Invest In Yourself +2

This option is for those who are able and choose to sponsor two students class tuition.

If you require sponsorship to attend please click here. There are a limited number of scholarships available. Given out on a first come first serve basis for those who qualify.

Thank you to our generous supporters!