Conscious Language™

Language shapes our reality. Catch self-sabotage before it acts in your life and turn it into self-empowerment. Through language, transform your own areas of limitation into your heart's desires. Be your own optimum self-programmer, learn how your whole brain "hears" language. Instantly shift into being personally satisfied in all areas of your life.

Language Shapes Reality

We all know the effect our words have an influence on others; the power to tear down, and the power to build up. We touch one another through the power of our words. How do our words affect our personal life? Is it possible that our words have a power that is great enough to heal our deepest hurts, breathe life into our highest choices, and literally become Reality?

Conscious Language

Upgrade Your Life​

Through Conscious Language™, you will experience exactly how self-sabotaging words and phrases have been operating in your life and in your world. You will receive clear guidance on how to make immediate transformative upgrades and produce immediate positive results.

You will learn how your whole brain “hears” language, transform your own areas of limitation, and discover how your health is directly influenced by your language patterns.

Our Path

Robert Tennyson Stevens has developed a unique curriculum of empowerment technologies designed to support you in manifesting, sustaining, and enjoying your heart’s desires. Explore the profound possibility that you create your reality with every word you think, speak, and feel.
Conscious Language Basics

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