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We are shifting event dates!

All of our 2019 event dates are being moved back.
Stay Tuned for New Dates.

Other Exciting Mastery Systems News

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Free Conference Call!

Thursday, January 31 at 8:30 p.m. Eastern
Studying Online And In Person With Robert Tennyson Stevens And Mastery Systems Staff.
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1 Week Special!! Savings Good through Feb 3!!

Voice Your Choice™ - A Conscious Language™ Group Empowerment Game
and ALL FOR YOU™ Box Set for $555 
(SAVE $147 from Beta Launch Price, SAVE $247 from Post Beta Launch Price)

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1 Week Special! Savings Good through Feb 3!

Limited Time Offer!
This price is good through February 3.

Order Voice Your Choice™ - A Conscious Language™ Group Empowerment Game and our ALL FOR YOU™ Box Set
for $555 (SAVE $147 from Beta Launch Price, SAVE $247 from Post Beta Launch Price)


This revolutionary Conscious Language™ game is highly-engaging and supports extraordinarily deep feeling.

Included in the game package:

  • USB drive with over 3.5 hours of instruction and inspiration
  • 60 colored cards (60 additional cards available for additional $30 charge)
  • 8 laminated posters
  • Written instructions

2019 Victory Goals / Outcome Achievement

2 Part Series with
Robert Tennyson Stevens

Thursday, January 17 and
Sunday, January 20

8:30 p.m. Eastern
Investment for BOTH Nights: $99 or $77 for groups of 10+*

When you look back over the past years, did you accomplish everything you set out to do? I know for me and most of the people I talk with, there are important things to change. The next question is how do you go about making that change?

For the past few decades, Bob has offered a class to help people set and attain new goals/outcomes for the coming year. The big distinction that sets this course in a category of its own is applying the tools of Mastery Systems to the concept of setting and attaining goals/outcomes.

It's great to identify what you desire to achieve this coming year, and imagine adding outcome facilitation and seeing the end from the beginning. AND What happens when you shift from wanting to already having... Magic.

This is a powerful 2-step event to guide you in thriving for 2019.

Who should attend? You, your family, your loved ones, your organization and everyone you know who deserves the upgrade of thriving. Let's make 2019 our best year so far!

*if you have a group of 10+, change the number of registrations on the form and it will automatically adjust once you hit 10.

Mastery Systems News and Updates

December is the month we celebrate Christ Consciousness. This is a time to remember our full potential already within us awaiting our full participation.

Of all the Trainings I share, All For You is my most transformative and reality shifting as the entire focus is on bringing Love to all former right/wrong, good/bad patterns while becoming and remaining fully and completely present. During this formerly 2 Day Event, many of the important step by step upgrade techniques are only mentioned. I realize now we will greatly benefit from deepening our expertise of these techniques as they are essential in having success to get through our many stored genetic and experiential limitations that have held us back. Revealing these patterns is only the first step. Engaging our exact limitations with awareness and our full participation is the only way to actively reverse them into our Full Potential.

December 6-9 Mastery Systems International will be giving our first ever All For You 4 Day Immersion at our New Retreat Facility in Brevard, NC. I have reduced the investment for this class to increase accessibility. If you are new to Mastery Systems and wonder where to start, this is the first big step. Upon registering, You will receive a study packet of videos designed to fully prepare you for this adventure into your Highest Choices manifested. Conscious Language, Imagination Activation and Outcome Mapping videos as well as a video of an entire All For You Event is included to prepare you fully before you attend.

In addition to the All For You material, a deepest yet immersion into the rest of the upgrade steps will be shared and experiences including:

  • The Freedom Process
  • Aligned Statements and the “Card Game” (I Love the Card Game)
  • Creating Your Day
  • Outcome Mapping
    o Old Patterns into New Patterns
    o Imagining Success
    o Building Your Miracle Life
    o Empowering Your Family and World
    o What is Your Quantum Leap?
    o What to do if you are stuck.
  • Practice with each other (Event Facilitator warm up)

For this December Event, we have a number of specials for different situations:

  • The first 26-31 registrants receive lodging on site for free (this depends on how the rooms and folks team up) and food is included for everyone.
  • Single entry investment is $1,999.
  • Couple Investment savings (Couples mean on the same bank account) $1999 for the first person and $1555 if they will share the AFY Study Package (The first 26-31 registrants receive lodging on site for free applies.)
  • Graduates of AFY $1555 (please bring your AFY handouts) (The first 26-31 registrants receive lodging on site for free applies.)
  • Payment plan option of $748/month for 3 months.

In addition a study group is being formed to help you with the materials from our Senior Facilitators on how to prepare before you arrive.

Please Join Us!!! Bring Your Team.
Early Bird saves on lodging.

Due to the popularity of our Box Set Sale and the number of people it is helping, we are extending the sale!

Hiring Tour/Event Captain

We are choosing to find our next Support Team Member(s) extraordinaire.

  • Self Starter required
  • Great Driver of small and large vehicles (w and w/o trailers)
  • Technologically savvy
  • Video and Camera savvy
  • Loves to travel.
  • Local to Western North Carolina area (Brevard is closest city to us)

This person (s) will able to help in many ways:

  • Retreat support
  • Food Support
  • Enrollment Support
  • Customer Service
  • Interested in mastering Mastery Systems Technologies (All For You, Sacred Body Language Translations Facilitator, Bio-Optic Holography Facilitator, Life Upgrade Coach Certification, and Meta-Body Electronics Facilitator will be included for the right person
  • Self Motivated
  • Spiritually Committed
  • Clean Lifestyle
  • Completely Drug and Alcohol free
  • Non smoker
  • Minimum 2 year commitment
  • Male or possible Married Couple (Tour lodging ease) Many ask why male. The equipment is heavy. One room for lodging best with dudes unless there is a couple and then two rooms.

If you choose to explore further, email to set up an interview.

Serious inquires only, please and thank you.


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Awaken Your Masterful Self Spring Tour

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