Bob’s Emergency Surgery Treat

If you have been watching from the sidelines for awhile, waiting for your BEST deal ever on Mastery Systems Core Curriculum…..NOW is your BEST time!

Bob’s Emergency Surgery Treat

Bob is having emergency surgery very soon and requires capital to continue Mastery Systems through his recovery phase.  

Help create a WIN-WIN opportunity for us and you by jumping in now to receive HUGE savings on our B.E.S.T. packages.  

Your investment is our mutual WIN-WIN!

These three brand new packages contain material to deepen your skill in your personal use, in your facilitation use and in your community use.  All three packages are stellar home study materials in your understanding and application of My Word Made Flesh and excellent pre-study materials for anyone choosing to attend our My Word Made Flesh in-person conference retreat coming soon.

If you own a copy of My Word Made Flesh, B.E.S.T. packages are your next step. Aspiring Facilitators, B.E.S.T. packages are vital for your HUB library and personal study.  

Every community deserves the life-giving information contained in these B.E.S.T. packages.  Our Affirm payment options are available to allow everyone access and instant upgrades. 

If you are not the person to share in your community, please find and sponsor someone who can and will.  How? Gather a group of interested and committed participants where everyone can contribute, or sponsor them personally if you are able.  Although these packages are single use only (non-shareable), when a sponsored leader studies the material, he/she can teach what they have learned in a community setting and everyone benefits.
*B.E.S.T. packages are offered for a limited time until we reach our required goal.

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