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Upcoming Events: Life Illuminated and Sacred Body Language Translations™

By Mastery Systems | Jun 14, 2018

Transform your life through Conscious Living! Life Illuminated -the Art of Conscious Living Sunday, June 17  Join our collective of “tuned in and tapped in” speakers as they guide you in ways to be your own partner in health and wellness, and how to thrive in EVERY area of your life…just by choosing to be…

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Meta Body Electronics Prep – Conference Call Recording

By Mastery Systems | May 25, 2018

This June is our annual META Body Electronics Event. Preparation is one month prior with live foods, liquid colloidal minerals and lots of enzymes. This class is the most effective at getting clear and resolved with hidden patterns and suppressed memories.  

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Power of I Can

Mark's Story and the Power of I Can

By Mastery Systems | Jan 29, 2018

Mark Scherer shares his journey from his first exposure to Mastery Systems and the ensuing (5) years before coming to an event with Robert Tennyson Stevens. What was the turning point in having him attend a live event and his upgrades from his first class and his “why” on being with Mastery Systems today. Mark…

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SBLT Conference Call - Jan 2018

Applying Conscious Language™ and Sacred Body Language Translations™ to Your Life

By Mastery Systems | Jan 19, 2018

Robert Tennyson Stevens shares and demonstrates the technologies of Mastery Systems used in his upcoming tour. This call will focuses on Conscious Language™ and Sacred Body Language Translations™ sharing demonstrations with volunteers on the call. Listen to this call recording for an opportunity to embody your next upgrade in consciousness.  Listen to the recording of…

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Highest Choices Conf Call Jan 2018

Setting And Attaining Your Highest Choices in 2018

By Mastery Systems | Jan 15, 2018

Mastery Systems invites YOU to join us and Co-Create our 2018 together. On this call, we will design our most successful year and life so far. “Ask and Ye shall receive” is like electricity. We must plug in to the power and turn on to have the juice of manifestation. Conscious Creation is not just…

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By admin | Jan 8, 2018
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Awaken Your Masterful Self Spring Tour

By Mastery Systems | May 1, 2017

In May, Bob is back on the road in Arizona and California, then to Waller in June and on to Tennessee, Virginia and Florida in July.  Check out the calendar later in this newsletter for classes, dates and cities.  Go to  to see more details and reserve your seat. Ready to host Bob in…

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Coach of the Month

By Mastery Systems | Jul 29, 2016
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Meta Body Electronics

By Mastery Systems | Jul 29, 2016

June 16, 2016

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