Conscious Language

Looking for a starting point? This is it!

By admin | Dec 17, 2018

Weekly Special! For a limited time, 20% off of Conscious Language™ 101 This is our core reality shifter developed by Robert Tennyson Stevens. Words we use shape our thoughts and experiences just as a computer operating system instructs a computer. The feelings and emotions our words carry form our human operating system, which determines our…

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New Year Prosperity

Choosing Prosperity for 2019?

By admin | Dec 6, 2018

Weekly Special: For 1 week, 20% off of Magnetize Your Prosperity in 7 Heart Centered Steps.  Instead of just getting more of something, this class is about embodying something more, being something more. Your focus is to awaken your Consciousness of thriving, become a stream of love which makes you magnetic. The purpose of this course is to shift Your Consciousness from…

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What is Sacred Body Language Translations?

By admin | Dec 1, 2018

If you’re enthusiastic about knowing how to translate all the valuable & powerful information that is continuously being communicated from our own body language, this event is for you! In the evolution of consciousness, our bodies are the storing banks of genetic, experiential, and collective (global) memories. In Sacred Body Language Translations, Robert visually describes…

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Online Classes on Sale

Cyber Monday Sale!

By admin | Nov 26, 2018

Now through Wednesday! All online classes are 30% off. Use code CyberMonday.  

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TRANSFORMING Co-Dependence Into Co-Empowerment

By admin | Nov 13, 2018

Sunday, November 18 Transforming Co-Dependence Into Co-Empowerment (Co-Co) And High Agreements Level 1 Investment: $33 or $22 (each for 10 or more) 8:30PM Eastern with Robert Tennyson Stevens Co-Dependence is described as existing anytime something outside of us (persons, places, conditions, and things) controls or influences our happiness or contentment. In my experience of awakening…

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New FREE Call

By admin | Nov 12, 2018

Sacred Body Language Translations and Introduction to the New All For You Immersion Dec.6-9 with Robert Tennyson Stevens Thursday, November 15, 2018 8:30 PM Eastern Investment: Free Mastery Systems is committed to Leaders having effective and masterful awareness and skills in shifting what does not work in life into thriving with ease. Thursday’s call with…

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Imagination Activation

Imagination Activation™ Level 1

By admin | Nov 9, 2018

Imagination Activation™ Level 1 With Robert Tennyson Stevens Includes downloadable handout “The Power of Imagination Activation” Sunday, November 11th 8:30 PM Eastern (About 1.5 Hours) Investment $33 Or 10 tickets for $222 (bring your Team) Consciously Directed Imagination, from our Highest Choices, even if we do not yet know what our Highest Choices are, moves Heaven and…

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Awaken Your Masterful Self

Mastery Systems News and Updates

By admin | Nov 6, 2018

December is the month we celebrate Christ Consciousness. This is a time to remember our full potential already within us awaiting our full participation. Of all the Trainings I share, All For You is my most transformative and reality shifting as the entire focus is on bringing Love to all former right/wrong, good/bad patterns while becoming and…

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Hard to Find Retreat

Specials for Life Upgrade Immersion Event

By admin | Nov 5, 2018

Event Details Life Upgrade Immersion with ALL FOR YOU included December 6-9, 2018 (Event ends at 2:00 p.m. December 9) Location Hard to Find Retreat 288 Hard To Find Dr Brevard, NC 28712 FREE LODGING FOR THE FIRST 26-31 WHO REGISTER. FREE LODGING IS FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED. This unique opportunity is designed to give you…

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