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Mastery Systems Certified Coaches bring proprietary skills and systems to those committed to upgrading their life experience.

Because we offer a new Conscious Human Operating System (chos) to you, having guidance and support in specifically designing your life upgrade by awakening your inner coach is, in the beginning, very helpful and many times essential. Every step of the way, being with someone using a common language and success strategy while upgrading health, relationships, career, family, business, and our spiritual experience simplifies and quickens our transformation into our realized new state.

Mastery Systems is more like a university with various schools of study and application. Our coaches many times will specialize in areas of expertise. To help you find your coach, this section will introduce you to each coach, with an indication of their level of training in a certain school as well as their area of greatest love.

Here are the specific areas or schools of study and application:

Life Upgrade Coaching

Life Upgrade Coaching applies various codes of consciousness to quickly identify what is the underlying patterns emerging and what these formerly hidden patterns shift into with exacting specificity. Every coach will use some aspect of their Life Upgrade coaching skills and experiences in every coaching session.

Required Courses:

  • Conscious Language™
  • Outcome Facilitation™
  • Outcome Mapping™

Body/Mind/Spirit Coaching

Body/Mind/Spirit Coaching brings awareness to what our body and spirit may be saying that our mind may have missed. Rebuilding union through love with our three-fold self is essential to enjoying our thriving life and relationships.

  • Sacred Body Language Translation Facilitation is best applied when a body signal is screaming for attention. SBLT can quickly identify the request of your inner self for adjustment and change.
  • Bio-Optic Holography Facilitation is an advanced form of Body Language using photos of your eyes to translate (through eye structures, fibers, colorations, and patterns) physical patterns into thought/word/feeling patterns for upgrade and transformation.

Required Courses:

  • Sacred Body Language Translations™
  • Bio-Optic Holography™

Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching helps us understand the power of relationships to mirror our inner world onto our outer experience and what to do to bring harmony and loving communication to those we love and serve with.

  • Transforming Co-Dependence Into Co-Empowerment™ tends to be one of the first upgrades applied to all new students of Conscious Language.
  • High Agreements™ follows Co-Empowerment upgrades and helps us find the high or God agreements we can live that ensure our victory.

Required Courses:

  • Transforming Co-Dependence Into Co-Empowerment™
  • High Agreements™

Conscious Community Mentor

Conscious Community Mentor is a person or team who gather their community to study and practice various Mastery Systems techniques.

Mastery Systems Trainer

Mastery Systems Trainer is a person or team who are certified Life Upgrade coaches who are trained in and offering evening, one day and weekend events formerly offered by Robert.

Robert Tennyson Stevens


Every coaching session is always directly for me as well. In our system of discovering what each limitation upgrades into for our client, I find I upgrade personally as well.

Coaching is partnering with the frequency of miracles. To witness people shift and change so smoothly through such seeming big challenges keeps me personally expecting and living my own miraculous life everyday!

Helping others be victorious is an amplifier to my own well being and success. This form of service to others is really service to my own heart and the things that are important to me (my family, career, community, and world). Awesome!