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Today: June 22, 2021 1:46 am
Today: June 22, 2021 1:46 am

Living Your Co-Empowered Life

This series will systematically walk you through the common pitfalls of your old patterns in to your upgraded, co-empowered relationships.This class will be an interactive experience.

2 sessions 1.5 hr each

August 4 & 11 7:30pm EST

Investment: $333

Definition of Co-Dependence: Any time our happiness and contentment is dependent upon another person, place, condition or thing. Even if we do receive the appearance of approval of another person, because it is externally sourced, fulfillment is still absent.

Co-Dependence is the result of believing our source, our happiness, our partnership is some existent something outside of us—outside of our Consciousness—and is controlled by some external force.

Indications Co-Dependence is present, feeling (in any degree):

  • hopeless
  • abandoned
  • ashamed to be alive
  • inadequate
  • anger disproportionate to the apparent cause
  • the need to control
  • reactive
  • stuck
  • numb
  • depressed
  • unclean
  • worthless
  • helpless/need to be taken care of
  • fearful for no apparent reason
  • resigned
  • vindictive addictive behaviors
  • struggle
  • problems with intimacy
  • suffering
  • sacrifice
  • manipulation
  • domination/control
  • lack of motivation
  • inconsistency
  • abuse
  • helplessness
  • judgment
  • blaming
  • being untrustworthy or unaccountable
  • self-sabotage

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