All For You™

The Mastery Systems Life Upgrade Coaching Curriculum offers unique techniques to engage and upgrade every aspect of life. The course demonstrates our Human Operating System technology and reveals hidden beneficial shifts awaiting acceptance and actualization.

The choice is simple and easy to achieve. We realize that we are already what we desire to be. We only require remembering who we really are, “I AM that I AM.” The act of Remembering allows us to realign personal fractures in our lives into a new state of essential wholeness within.

Mastery Systems Life Upgrade Coaching: ALL FOR YOU™ is an opportunity to..

  • Slow down and experience yourself in a new way.
  • Go deep and see yourself in a new light.
  • Reframe your perception of yourself and the issues in your life.
  • Become the person you know you are in your heart of hearts

All done with Grace and Ease.

All For You™ with Robert Tennyson Stevens

Investment: $888

5 Sessions – 1.5hrs each

Sundays & Thursdays at 8 PM EST

August 8th , August 12th , August 15th , August 19th , August 22nd

***All For You™ is a required prerequisite for most Mastery Systems classes***

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All For You™ Accelerated²

Your Outcomes:

You will personally experience the proprietary tools and technologies of Mastery Systems “All For You™ Accelerated² – Your Live Experience”

You will discover the distinction of a short-term resolution as well as a complete Life Upgrade.

You will witness the ongoing direct communication through your language, body language, breath, movements, and life situations of your other-than conscious self and the ever-present option to move upscale by listening and responding to each previously hidden communication.

You will discover your own Inner Truth is always guiding you.

You will effectively and systematically apply Mastery Systems tools and technologies to: re-verse, re-vise, re-name, and transform limiting patterns in your life into personal-permanent Victory of Light with ease.

All For You™ Accelerated²

Investment: $1111

5 Sessions – 2 hours each

Choose a class:

8/23 , 8/30 , 9/8 , 9/13 , 9/20 , 9/27
8/24 , 8/31 , 9/7 , 9/14 , 9/21
8/4 , 8/11 , 8/18 , 8/25 , 9/1
8/16 , 8/23 , 8/30 , 9/13 , 9/20
8/18 , 8/25 , 9/1 , 9/8 , 9/15
8/6 , 8/13 , 8/20 , 8/27 , 9/3
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Bundle & Save!

Get All For You with Robert Tennyson Stevens & All For You™ Accelerated²

Investment: $1444 (Savings of $555)

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