All For You™ Accelerated²

We are offering All For You™ Accelerator² training as a streamed LIVE online event with Mastery Systems In-House Facilitators. Space is limited. First come, first served. 

All For You™ Accelerator² is a combination of recorded, streamed and live zoom sessions. Included is 1 Zoom Session with Robert Tennyson Stevens and 6 Zoom Sessions with the Mastery System In-House Coaching Team of your choice.  You will receive instant access to the online portion so that you can immediately begin your upgrades. All sessions are recorded so that you can re-visit as many times as you choose. See below for session options and to register.

What’s Included:
All For You™ Accelerator² is rich in experience. The course builds on our core curriculum, all of which is included with your investment in yourself.

  • ALL FOR YOU™ Box Set Online
    • Living the Path of Conscious Language™ Video Course
    • The Power of Imagination Activation™ Video Course
    • Outcome Mapping™ Video Course
    • The Foundation™ Audio Course
    • The ALL FOR YOU™ Video Course
  • 1 group session via Zoom with Robert Tennyson Stevens
  • 6 group sessions via Zoom with your chosen Mastery Systems In-House Coaches
  • Home prep and exercises shared from your Mastery Systems In-House Coaches
  • Big Savings on Future In-Person ALL FOR YOU™ Training Events

The Mastery Systems Life Upgrade Coaching Curriculum offers unique techniques to engage and upgrade every aspect of life. The course demonstrates our Human Operating System technology revealing hidden beneficial shifts awaiting acceptance and actualization.

The choice is simple and easy to achieve because, in The Mastery Systems Technology, it is “already done.” We realize we are already what we desire to be and require only remembering who we really are, “I AM that I AM.”

The act of Re-Membering allows us to realign personal fractures in our lives into a new state of essential wholeness within. In our technology, Personal Decrees associated with the act of Re-Membering reframe the illusion of separation and imperfection union and perfection. Change into a new state of consciousness can be immediate and ever-expanding.

ALL FOR YOU™ is an opportunity …

  • Awaken and embody Conscious Language™
  • Gain skill and experience in Imagination Activation™ and Outcome Mapping™
  • Master techniques in transcending right and wrong into your highest choice

All done with Grace and Ease.

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Prerequisite: All For You™ With Bob

Investment $1111

Dates: 5/26 , 6/2 , 6/9 , 6/23 , 6/30 , 7/7

Dates: 5/27 , 6/3 , 6/7 , 6/10 , 6/14 , 6-21

All For You™ With Bob

Investment $888 (a $223 savings!)

Class begins May 18th

5 sessions approx. 2 hours each

The Mastery Systems Life Upgrade Coaching Curriculum offers unique techniques to engage and upgrade every aspect of life. The course demonstrates our Human Operating System technology and reveals hidden beneficial shifts awaiting acceptance and actualization.

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Choose to enroll in both courses?

All For You™ With Bob + All For You™ Accelerated²

Investment $1,444 (a $778 savings!)
Class begins May 18th

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Email with your All For You™ Accelerated² class preference after you register.

What are Previous Students Saying?

Robert Stevenson has a beautiful, powerful and no holds bar way of bringing God right to the heart of your deepest wound and allowing the I AM heal you. If you are ready to live, I mean to truly live, then this is the journey for you. Mastery Systems All For You is the perfect title because IT IS ALL FOR YOU!! 

In this class I see clearly how often I would look outside myself for confirmation and if not received my little self would jump right in to talk me out of my New Self.  NOW, I stand in my God authority, sovereign within myself.  I feel fully the meaning of my decrees. Every cell of my body vibrates in harmony.  I received the miracle of healing for my left knee and I partner with myself. I glide with ease and grace.   I met my man on my drive home for dinner the day after Meta ended.   I asked him what is his plan for Saturday for the two of us.  He looked at me with a blank stare. I learned to ask the right question.   I asked “What is your best case scenario for Saturday?  My man designed a wonderful day and evening for the two of us.  I feel empowered and my man does too. I realize grace is with me and I accept and give thanks for my blessings. I learned I am a miracle maker and I birth miracles with my enthusiasm and with everyone I meet.    I AM that I AM.  I learned  Grace sweeps me forward as I walk with my faith and confidence in my own new life serving love and raising others in me.  I am the ONE.

As Bob started asking me questions, we got to the root of this standing wave as I remembered being conceived out of wedlock and my mother’s shame that I had taken on as my own!  

As I forgave my mother, my father and both sets of grandparents for shaming my mother and father and as I forgave my paternal grandmother for rejecting me and having nothing to do with me or my life, I reversed this pattern in me and through me! I realized that I “picked this” mission to BE the resurrection and the Life of my lineage! I emerged being made completely brand new in less than 30 minutes with Bob’s genius coaching!  I am eternally great-full!! All my Love in the Light of my Mighty I AM Presence, now and always!

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